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What's New Archives: April 2004

April 27, 2004

We are pleased to announce the addition of LANIC's 72nd subject page: Internet History. This page contains pre-2000 articles, papers, and books related to networking and the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean. We hope you enjoy this page and please send any suggestions you may have.

April 16, 2004

New links have been added to the following pages:

April 14, 2004

Have you visit the Panama page before? If not, we invite you to do it, specially today that has new links. Enjoy them!

April 13, 2004

April 9, 2004

April 8, 2004

A week ago today, we launched our Digital Divide, Digital Inclusion, and Universal Service page. Although LANIC's pages are never finished, this one is half-again the size it was just a week ago, and in another week we expect to wind down the page's initial development phase. So, check it out! We've added so many links, it'd be crazy to list all of them here! Also, don't mind the late April Fool's joke posted on April 5th: 70+2=72, putting us at seventy-two subject pages.

April 5, 2004

Yet another new page has been added to LANIC: Internet News & Publications, making it LANIC's 71st subject page! This page has links for news sources about the development of the Internet in Latin America. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

April 2, 2004

LANIC still growing and expanding. Today we added a new page: Jewish Diaspora. In this page you will find related information about history, genealogy, organizations, groups and research centers in Latin America and the Caribbean. We hope you enjoy this new page and please, send us your suggestions!

April 1, 2004

Last week we launched two pages (Portals, Directories, & Search Sites and Turks & Caicos Islands). This week we're adding another, LANIC's 70th subject page: Digital Divide, Digital Inclusion, & Universal Service! It is still very much in development, so check back often and help us make the page better by sending in your links!

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