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Trusted Internet portal for Latin American Studies content since 1992


  • According to research conducted in April 2010, there are over 113,000 inbound links to pages on LANIC from Web Sites around the world.
  • Our subject directory services began in 1992 when we launched the first Latin American directory on the Internet via Gopher. Currently, LANIC's ever-expanding directory contains pages for 42 countries and 84 subjects.
  • These directory pages contain more than 10,000 unique URL's that point to Web sites and pages or other Internet-based content. All resources on LANIC have been carefully evaluated and catalogued by LANIC's editorial staff.
  • LANIC also hosts large amounts of content from Latin America: as of April 2010, the Yahoo! search index contained almost 120,000 URLs from the LANIC Web site.
  • The LANIC Home Page has a Google PageRank of 8 out of 10. A Google search for most of the Latin American subjects we cover (e.g., <"latin amerca" art>, or <"latin america" libraries>) will usually return the corresponding LANIC subject directory on the first page of Google results; in many cases, LANIC is one of the first three results Google displays.
  • LANIC hosts extensive digital content on Latin America through its Etext Collection, including thousands of full text books, journals, speeches, and research papers. Included are the full text of over 2,000 speeches by Fidel Castro; over 75,000 pages of Presidential Messages from Argentina and Mexico; and hundreds of papers on Latin American topics presented at conferences around the world.
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