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Digital Initiatives

Since 1992, the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies at The University of Texas at Austin has been the institutional home of the Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC). Through partnerships with organizations in Latin America and globally, LANIC's mission is to facilitate access to online information on, from, or about Latin America. To this end, LANIC hosts an extensive set of digital collections covering many different topics and content areas. We invite you to learn more about these rich collections, or browse and search their contents by following the links below.

Archive of Political Parties and Elections

The Archive of Political Parties and Elections in Latin America (APPELA) seeks to preserve and facilitate access to Web sites, documents, and other materials from a wide range of Latin American political parties. The Archive currently contains copies of the Web sites of over 100 political parties, as well as those of the national electoral authority from several countries, captured on multiple dates in 2005.


Archive of Venezuelan Political Discourse

The Archive of Venezuelan Political Discourse (ARVEPODIS) contains copies of over 100 Web sites associated with the Venezuelan political process. The Archive includes blogs, media sites, official government sites, political opposition, and non-partisan and civil society groups, among others. Many of these sites were archived on a daily basis during a three month period in late 2005.


Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy

The Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE) is a non-profit non-political organization founded in 1990. ASCE's mission is to study the elements and processes of a transition to a market economy in Cuba and to promote consonant scholarship, research, and publications by its members. Between 1995 and 2011, LANIC hosted the ASCE website, including the full proceedings of the association's annual meeting.

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Electoral Observatory

Between 1998 and 2008, the LANIC Electoral Observatory facilitated access to coverage of presidential, legislative, municipal and other electoral exercises throughout Latin America. In total, access to information is available here for 57 elections held during this time period.

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EnLAcE Career Center

The Electronic Network for Latin American Careers and Employment (EnLAcE) was launched in 1998 as a resource for employment for Latin Americanists. The site contains links to institutions that provide employment, internships, fellowships or volunteer opportunities for people with a background in Latin American Studies.

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Estudios Sociales

Full text for retrospective issues from 2004 through 2010 of the journal Estudios Sociales, published in Mexico by the Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo. Tables of Contents in HTML, full text of each issue in PDF.

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Evaluación Cualitativa Externa del Programa Oportunidades

Evaluación Externa, Programa Oportunidades

The Oportunidades conditional cash transfer program was first implemented in 1997, and Agustín Escobar Latapí and Mercedes González de la Rocha were in charge of the official qualitative evaluation of the program from 1999 to 2008. On this site, the authors provide access to the published results of these evaluations.

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Granma Archives Index

Granma Archives Index

The Granma Archives Index is a searchable Spanish-language database of articles published from 1965 to 1992 in the official daily newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, Granma. The database provides bibliographic references for the articles, including headline, length of the article, date, and author.

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Guía de fuentes etnográficas

The "Guía preliminar de fuentes documentales etnográficas para el estudio de los pueblos indígenas de Iberoamérica" was originally published by the Fundación Histórica Tavera on LANIC in 1998. It is a detailed guide to archival sources located in the United States, Europe, and 11 Latin American countries. The focus is on archival collections that contain primary source material related to the indigenous peoples of Latin America. The guide covers both civil and ecclesiastical collections.

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Hemisphere Initiatives

Hemisphere Initiatives

Archived versions of reports published between 1989 and 2004 by "Hemisphere Initiatives," a group of scholars and activists who worked on peace, social justice, and democracy initiatives in Central America. Authors include Jack Spence, Margaret Popkin, George Vickers, Bill Stanley, Madalene O'Donnell, David Dye, and Judy Butler.

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ILASSA Conference Archve

ILASSA Conference Archve

ILASSA's annual Student Conference is the oldest student-run academic conference on Latin America in the country. This Conference Proceedings Archive contains materials from past ILASSA Conferences between 1997 and 2013. In some cases, this includes the full text of conference proceedings; in others, only the official conference program.

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Archivo de InfoPYME

Between 1998 and 2002, LANIC published 16 issues of the newsletter InfoPYME: Noticias sobre la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa en América Latina. The newsletter was part of the SME Forum, an initiative of the Proyecto Regional de Capacitación Gerencial del FOMIN of the Interamerican Development Bank (IADB).

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LANIC Newsroom

LANIC Newsroom

Between 1998 and 2010, the LANIC Newsroom provided links to news media coverage, in English and Spanish, of over 50 major news events, from natural disasters to government crises and elections. The Newsroom also includes a section with listings of conferences of interest to those studying Latin America.

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LANIC Resource Guides

LANIC Resource Guides

Since 1992, LANIC has maintained a set of Resource Guides for Latin American Studies. Each Guide contains dozens of links to relevant resources in and about Latin America. The collection includes a total of 42 Country Guides and 85 Subject Guides.

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Latin American Electronic Data Archive

Latin American Electronic Data Archive

The Latin American Electronic Data Archive (LAEDA) project was launched in October 2009 under a four year grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access (TICFIA) grant program. The LAEDA project sought to collect, preserve, and provide access to data sets relevant to Latin American research, policy analysis, and teaching. The focus of the collection is on electoral data, household surveys, and data relevant to public policy evaluation.

LANIC Projects with LASA

Latin American Studies Association

Between 1995 and 2000, LANIC provided assistance with digital initiatives to the Latin American Studies Association (LASA). The projects ranged from providing Web hosting for select conference papers to conducting digital literacy training at several LASA congresses.

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México 2010 Web Archive

México 2010 Web Archive

México 2010 is a collection of Web sites commemorating Mexico's 200th anniversary of independence and 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in the year 2010. The sites were crawled using the Internet Archive's Archive-It service in 2009 and 2010.

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Religion in Latin America

Religion in Latin America

The Religion in Latin America website provides information, research, discussion, and analysis of religion in Latin America. It serves as a gateway for information on the Roman Catholic Church as a historical, social and political actor in Latin America from colonial times to the present. It also provides information on non-Catholic religiosity in Latin America, with special emphasis on mainline Protestantism, Pentecostalism, and Mormonism, as well as on non-Western religious expression in the region, including religions of the African diaspora, indigenous religions, indigenous Christianity, and non-Christian religions including Judaism and Islam.

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Revista Región y Sociedad

Revista Región y Sociedad

Full text for retrospective issues from 1996 through 2008 of the journal Revista Región y Sociedad published by El Colegio de Sonora in Mexico. Tables of Contents in HTML, full text of each issue in PDF.

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Selections from the Latin American Collection 
of the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art

Selections from the Blanton Museum

"Selections from the Latin American Collection of the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art" consists of 83 digitized images from the Latin American Art collection at UT Austin's Blanton Museum of Art. The collection went online in 1997 as a joint project between LANIC and the Blanton Museum.

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Sustainable Development Reporting Project

Sustainable Development Reporting Project

The Sustainable Development Reporting Project (SDRP) is the product of research and reporting by NPR correspondent John Burnett in 1997 and 1998 on sustainable development programs in Central America. The LANIC-hosted site contains an introduction and the full text of nine stories on topics such as sustainable forestry, ecotourism, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity protection, and endangered species protection.

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Trends in Latin American Networking

Trends in Latin American Networking

Trends in Latin American Networking (TILAN) seeks to document trends regarding expansion of the Internet throughout the countries of Latin America. TILAN providea access to statistical data, information, and analysis for those interested in exploring the growth of the Latin American Internet. Most of the material published in TILAN covers the period from the mid-1990s through the mid-2000s.

Documents of the New Mexican Revolution


Zapatistas! Documents of the New Mexican Revolution was one of the first open access e-books to be published on the Internet, initially released as text files on the LANIC gopher server in 1994. The volume was subsequently migrated to the Web, where we host versions in HTML and PDF formats. Zapatistas! contains the full, English language text of every communique published (along with several that were not published, as well as many interviews, letters, and essays) from the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) from December 31, 1993 through June 12, 1994.

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