Latin American Web Archiving Project

The Latin American Web Archiving Project (LAWAP) seeks to capture, preserve, and provide access to a variety of Web resources from throughout Latin America. The primary focus of the collections to date has been government documents and political expression. Capture dates began in 2005 and active collecting is still going on in some of the collections. Content in the archives includes text documents and images as well as audio and video.

The Internet Archive's Archive-It service provides Web archiving services for LAWAP.


Latin American Government Documents Archive, LAGDA
LAGDA provides access to text, audio, and video from the Web sites of approximately 300 government ministries and presidencies in 18 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Capture began in 2005 and is ongoing.
México 2010
México 2010 is a collection of Web sites commemorating Mexico's 200th anniversary of independence and 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in the year 2010. Capture is ongoing and will continue through the end of the 2010 activities.
Archive of Venezuelan Political Discourse, ARVEPODIS
ARVEPODIS contains copies of over 100 Web sites associated with the Venezuelan political process. The Archive includes blogs, media sites, official government sites, political opposition, and non-partisan and civil society groups, among others. Many of these sites were archived on a daily basis during a three month period in late 2005.
Archive of Political Parties and Elections in Latin America, APPELA
APPELA seeks to preserve and facilitate access to Web sites, documents, and other materials from a wide range of Latin American political parties. The Archive currently contains copies of the Web sites of over 100 political parties, as well as those of the national electoral authority from several countries, captured on multiple dates in 2005.