Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

FROM:    Habana

TO:      Secretary of State

NO:      1017, August 30

Sierra Maestra Teachers Rally No. 8

Fidel Castro speech continued:

Imperialism didn't even bother to save faces of governments who followed
its dictates at San Jose.  It has made those governments confront their
peoples face to face and their indignation at submission to Yankee

We have case of Venezuela where people have been in streets today
protesting position of their government and 78 members of Venezuelan
Congress met this afternoon to protest treason in Costa Rica.  Venezuela is
country with tremendous revolutionary spirit, which has suffered Yankee
oppression.  Venezuelan people are with Cuba.  Venezuelan people are there
and cannot be managed by Yankee State Department or by puppets manipulated
by them.

Everyone knew what OAS was, but it was important that issue was drawn
there.  US imperialism forced the decision.  It is responsible.  US
imperialism forced chancellories into shameful position against their
people.  "This revolution speaks Spanish".  Impossible for peoples of
America not to understand this revolution.  English-speaking empire will
not be able to stunt spirit of brotherhood for those who share their battle
against exploitation.  It is one thing to manage chancelleries, another to
manage peoples.  Costa Rica is a lesson for Spanish-speaking peoples of
America.  They will never forgive betrayal of rights of Cuba served up to
North American imperialism on silver platter.  Costa Rica Conference will
pass into history as one of most shameful and blackest pages - a page of
treason and those who wrote it will also pass into history and never will
they be able to rid themselves of stigma.  Some day all of America will do
what we have done.  Then those who wrote this page will pass into history
as Judas Iscariots.

What have they done but to provoke crisis in their own countries.  Peasants
of America want land.  Peoples of America want schools, and to exploitation
and privilege, nationalization of Yankee monopolies, soveroignty and
independence, liberty, men who uphold dignity of nation.  How can these
people regard their governments which have placed them on side of Yankee
exploitation instead of on side of Cuba.  They will never by able to
justify this.

US never bothered about credit or aid to Latin America.  Has only done so
when confronted by reality of Cuban revolution.  The higher the voice of
Cuba, the firmer its position, the higher the price US prepared to pay
other governments of America.  Price has risen to 60 million dollars.
(Castro has been speaking two and half hours).