Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

FROM:  Habana

TO:  Secretary of State

NO:  1018, August 30

Sierra Maestra teachers rally NO. 9

Fidel Castro speech continued

Government of United States not worried about result of conference.  Only
worried about price, how many dollars it would cost them.  Foreign
Ministers would do Yankee bidding without doubt.  US had to buy support,
buy votes.  This is a great lesson for peoples.  They know that oligarchic
governments that rule will keep all the millions.  Not destined for people.

What have they accomplished by maneuvers at San Jose?  They have
strengthened revolution and planted seeds of indignation among peoples of
Latin America.  We are now resolved than ever.  We will not give response
to declaration of San Jose, people of Cuba will give it and will formulate
it in Plaza Civica.  We will do what no other Latin American Government can
do - gather the people so that they my speak.  As our country is only truly
democratic one in Latin America it does not depend on oligarchies but on

We have no Generals or Colonels, only peoples militia.  That is to say as
people support government in truly democratic fashion they will gather at
Plaza Civica on Friday (September 2) in order voice their response.  The
Assembly of the people of Cuba on Friday will make their reply to
declaration of San Jose in order that world know that it is not a
government replying but a whole people.  And this Assembly, at three in
afternoon must be attended by all patriots, workers, students, and
campesions in order show our unity.

We must be there with some determination with which we would meet an
invasion of our country.  We will show those who betrayed us what kind of
people we are.  We will provide example by which all peoples of Latin
America can free themselves.

The world is turning against Imperialists and will support us.

We should have a book recording all machinations of Yankee Imperialism in
Latin America.  Would be called fable of shark and sardine.  Sardines tell
us we should reject Soviet assistance.  This only a Yankee maneuver in
effort disarm us.  Another trick was in cynically supporting measures
against Trujillo whom Yankees have always bolstered.

Why do they want us to renounce Soviet assistance?  So that shark will be
left the sardines.

They did not condemn economic aggression against us, nor explosion of Le
Coubre, nor overflights and bombings, nor Yankee pressure on Belgian
Government which forced it to suspend shipment of arms.  Not a word of
condemnation did Foreign Minister have for all this.  On the contrary, they
heeded orders of State Department.

When Yankees took our quota, Soviets bought our sugar.  When petroleum
making plans against , Soviets offered their nuclear
rockets in our defense.