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Havana Reloj Nacional Network in Spanish 1600 GMT 30 June 1962--F

(Text) At a meeting held at the ORI building and participated in by
directors and cadres of the revolutionary instruction schools, Fidel
Castro, Premier and ORI secretary general, said among other things that
revolutionary instruction must be imparted with an offensive spirit, a
fighting spirit. He pointed out on the other hand, that it is vital for the
revolution to study Marxism and to teach Marxism. It is necessary to
actually study and to go into it deeply. It is necessary to (polish up?)
all the weapons and all the forces of science and of truth, Fidel added.

He said that there had been those who believed that the revolutionary
instruction schools meant entertainment for adults, a kindergarten for
problem people, or a (reeducation?) center for people who were compromised
politically. Fidel Castro said that if there is no revolutionary party, if
there is no revolutionary method, there will be no revolutionary education.
If there is no revolutionary education, there will be no revolutionary

In another part of his speech before the directors and cadres of the
revolutionary instruction schools, Fidel said: "Either one has faith in the
masses or one does not have faith in the masses." On this position depends
the method--a method (for?) the masses or a method against the masses.
Fidel Castro referred to the mistaken methods who had led us to the
formation of a party which was increasingly being filled by opportunists.
False methods led us to spending millions of pesos in educating not the
working class, but in many cases, the small bourgeoisie, and (word
indistinct) people.

After pointing out that at this time 47 percent of the industrial workers
make up the registration of the revolutionary instruction schools, Maj.
Fidel Castro said that those who are going to those courses will return to
the work centers from which they came. He served notice that when the party
needs to turn an active member into a member of the cadres, it will choose
the one who is best prepared. But this does not mean that he will become
automatically a member of the cadres as soon as he enters the school, but
he returns to his cell and to his work center. Our prime minister also said
that the party means not a sinecure but sacrifice.

In another part of his speech Fidel Castro stressed that, in the midst of
all difficulties, we have been luckier than other revolutions. We have had
three and one-half years to do everything that we have accomplished. The
Soviet revolution, for example had to employ the first three and one-half
years fighting foreign intervention. They could not have accomplished what
we have been able to do and what we are doing at this time--the impulse we
are giving to the revolutionary education of the masses.

Let us explain and let us teach and study that we may see more and teach
more, that we can understand these realities, that there be no mystery for
any one of us in the revolutionary (assignments?), Fidel said.

Let us teach and let us study in order to know our friends and enemies, the
allies of the working class (among?) the small farmers, like the small
farmers of the mountain areas who have given to the armed forces of the
revolution thousands of their brave and stoic sons.

We do not have all the teachers and physicians we need, Fidel said. It is
painful to know that there are teachers who will teach only two days a
week. It is painful to know, Fidel said, that there are physicians who do
not deign to give one single consultation to a patient. We know it but it
does not matter. We are not only raising the revolutionary awareness of the
teachers but we are creating new generations of teachers. We are creating
new generations of physicians, new generations of technicians, as we are
creating new generations of fishermen in connection with the construction
projects of large fishing fleets. To the extent that our people become more
revolutionary we shall be have better workers, better students, better
administrators, greater production, better fighting units.

We are creating new generations of administrative cadres and we are
promoting the future of the fatherland with faith, Fidel said in his speech
before the ORI. Fidel added that we are not getting discouraged in view of
today's difficulties, because we know that they are transitory and
furthermore, because they do us honor. We are not getting discouraged
because the people do not become strong under conditions of abundance but
only through sacrifice, fight, and adverse conditions. We know what peoples
are capable of, Fidel Castro concluded.