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Havana in Spanish to the Americas 1800 GMT 27 September 1962--E

(Text) The Soviet ambassador to Cuba, Aleksandr Alekseyev, gave a reception
last night for the Soviet minister of fisheries, Aleksandr Ishkov. Present
at the reception among others were Premier Fidel Castro, ministers of the
revolutionary government Raul Roa, Ernesto Guevara, Faure Chomon, Albert
Mora, Armando Hart, Raul Cepero Bonilia, and Manuel Luzardo, and INRA
president Carlos Rafael Rodriguez.

Premier Fidel Castro announced at the reception at the Soviet Embassy that
tomorrow the herring catch of the Soviet fishing vessels which are
collaborating in increasing fish production will be put on unrationed sale
in 30 places throughout the popular districts of Havana. The herring have
been preserved in brine and a leaflet containing recipes for various dishes
will be delivered with the sale of the fish.

Castro also announced that a plant to prepare codfish which needed some
adaptations will shortly be put into operation. This plant will be able to
process 15,000 tons of codfish which will be sent by the Soviet Union and
will be distributed in the rural areas of the country.

Pickled Herring Sale

Havana Periodico del Aire in Spanish 1500 GMT 27 September 1962-F

(Excerpts) Prime Minister Fidel Castro announced that 30 stores made ready
by the domestic trade ministry will begin selling pickled herring on 28
September. The fish was caught by the Soviet fishing trawlers that have
been giving Cuba technical aid for quite a while. The pickled herring will
not be rationed and will be sold at 55 cents a pound. However, the number
of pounds one can purchase will be limited.

Fidel was enthusiastic about the prospects of the fishing industry in the
near future. He said that one of the most productive investments is in
fishing because every peso invested in it gives two back in a short space
of time.

Minister Ishkov said that he was very glad to be in Cuba, where he
discovered that Fidel was the one most interested in fishing. He announced
that Lt. Ramon Dacal, head of the INRA fishery department, will soon go to
the USSR and (bring back?) a plant to produce fish flour.

Everyone attending the reception was urged by Prime Minister Fidel Castro
to eat herring, one of the courses served at the reception. As a matter of
fact, the main courses of the dinner consisted chiefly of fish.

Ishkov said he had toured many ports of our country, including Cienfuegos,
studying Cuban fishing conditions and methods. He said that Cuba can expect
excellent prospects from fishing because it is an island. He explained that
the Soviet fishing trawler that arrived in Havana two days ago is a
scientific research vessel that will exploit fishing conditions in the
Caribbean Sea.