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Havana in Spanish to the Americas 0525 GMT 20 November 1962--E..

(Text) Mr. U Thant, Acting Secretary General of the United Nations.

Excellency: The Government of the United States and the more reactionary
press of that country are trying to depict the Government of Cuba as
obstructing and sabotaging the chances for a peaceful settlement of the
current crisis. They base this position on two completely legitimate
decisions of our people:

1--Not to accept a unilateral inspection of our territory, by which the
Government of the United States wants to decide on questions that are our
sole competence as a sovereign nation.

2--Not to be disposed to allow invasions of our airspace that are
detrimental to our security and an outrage to our national dignity.

The government of Cuba has not in the slightest degree obstruct the
negotiations being carried on. This has been and is its position, Quite
otherwise is out attitude toward the threats and outrages of the government
of the United States. At this point the United States has made the IL-28
medium bombers stationed on Cuban soil the crux of the problem. Those
planes belong to the Soviet Government. They were brought to Cuba for the
defense of our country against an aggression. Because of their low speed
and low flight ceiling they are outmoded equipment compared to modern
antiaircraft defenses.

It is evident that the position taken by the government of the United
States in demanding the withdrawal of these planes is just a pretext to
maintain tension, prolong the crisis, and uphold its policy of force.
Nevertheless, if the Soviet Government considers it advisable for the
progress of the negotiations and the solution of the crisis to withdraw
these planes, the Revolutionary Government of Cuba will not obstruct that

At the same time, high officials of the government of the United States
have declared that military planes of that country will continue violating
Cuban sovereignty and invading our airspace. These illegal, aggressive acts
are in flagrant opposition to international law and the U.N. Charter. Cuba
has the legitimate and indisputable right to defend its territory against
such violations, and it confirms the warning that, to the limit of the
range of our antiaircraft weapons, any warplane invading Cuban airspace can
do so only at the risk of being destroyed.

If in the commission of these arbitrary acts against our country an
incident takes 1lace, the responsibility will fall wholly on the Government
of the United States. Once again we say to you, Mr. Secretary General, that
we are sincerely disposed to consider a broad solution that would provide a
definite solution for the existing tension. We believe that that would be
beneficial for all peoples affected by this tension, just as any conflict
would be harmful to all.

The time has come for it to be known who does and who does not want peace
to exist. Cuba will never be an obstacle to a fair, proper solution
acceptable to all. Cuba is simply defending its sovereignty; its people's
self-determination; the judicial equality of all states, large or small,
the right of every nation to work, progress, and live in peace, respect and
be respected.

If despite the calm attitude of the Soviet Union, and despite Cuba's
disposal to contribute to an honorable, stable peace, the Government of the
United States persists in its acts of force against our country, let nobody
harbor illusions about the inevitable result of that policy. Cuba will not
give in to a policy of force. Its revolution will be maintained firmly; its
people will resist, no matter what the cost. Let our enemies not deceive
themselves! With the strength given by the right and by patriotism, we will
make the aggressors pay dearly for their crime if they attack us.

The United States is constantly threatening our country with war. It would
be a war without glory or honor against a national that will never admit
defeat. I repeat to you the expression of my highest consideration.

Signed: Fidel Castro Ruz, Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Government