Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

1 Sept  Castro's Reply to Latest US Charge
11 Sept  Castro Addresses Education Congress

26 Sept  USSR-Cuban Fishing Base Pact Signed By Castro & Ishkov

25 Sept  Castro Speech

27 Sept  Castro Attends Soviet Envoy's Reception for Ishkov

30 Sept  Castro Speaks At Mass Rally Marking CDR Anniversary

2 Oct   Castro Addresses Women's Federation

10 Oct   Castro Welcomes President Dorticos

12 Oct   Castro Visits Law Students & Professors

16 Oct   Castro 16 October Speech in Havana Airport

17 Oct   Castro Interviewed by French Broadcaster

18 Oct   Castro & Dorticos Send Greeting to NFLSV

18 Oct   Castro Speaks on Health and Medicine

19 Oct   Castro Signs Decree for New Postage Stamp

23 Oct   Fidel Castro's 23 October Interview

27 Oct   Text of Fidel Castro Message to U Thant

27 Oct   Castro Protests Role of Cold War Pawn

28 Oct   Fidel Castro's Declaration

28 Oct   Fidel Castro Demands Air Inviolability

28 Oct   Castro Order on Overflights

1 Nov   Castro's 1 November Speech

1 Nov   Fidel Castro 1 November Interview

4 Nov   Castro & Mikoyan Statements

7 Nov   Castro & Dorticos Sends Anniversary Message to Brezhnev on 45th
Anniversary of October Revolution

8 Nov   Castro Message Hails 45th October Anniversary

16 Nov   Fidel Castro Communication to U Thant

9 Nov   Castro Speaks at 8th Party to Congress in Sofia

19 Nov   Castro's 19 November Letter to U Thant

20 Nov   Castro Letter to U Thant

7 Dec   Castro acknowledged CPR Press & Radio Present Gifts to Cuba

1 Jun   Kudryavtsev Visits Castro

4 Jun   Castro Chops Cane for Three Hours

5 Jun   Castro Says Leftist Forces Must Unite

14 Jun   Adam Rapacki & Fidel Castro Confer

26 Jun   Fidel Castro Tours Sierra Maestra

27 Jun   Castro's Speech on the Role of Revolutionary Instructors in Cuba

29 Jun   Castro Addresses Soviet Technicians

30 Jun   Premier Castro Hails Soviet Technicians

30 Jun   Castro Speech to School Instructors

6 Jul   Castro Address Soviet Technicians

3 Jul   Castro Is Guest Aboard Soviet Ship

13 Jul   Castro Message in  Vladivostok

17 Jul   Castro Speaks to Prize Sugar Workers

17 Jul   Speech of Fidel Castro to Bus Workers on July 17

18 Jul   Castro Inspects Five Soviet Trawlers

19 Jul   Premier Castro Greets Soviet Trawlers

23 Jul   Castro & Dorticos View Sporrs Parade at LA Stadium in Havana

24 Jul   Fidel Castro Lauds Role of Teachers

24 Jul   Fidel Castro Strolls Through Santiago

26 Jul   Castro Speaks at 26 July Ceremonies

31 Jul   Castro Meets With Soviet Delegation

6 Aug   Castro Interviews in Nouvelle Critique

9 Aug   Castro Speaks to Cuban Athletic Team

9 Aug   Castro Statement to Cuban Athletes

11 Aug   Fidel Castro Addresses UES Congress

15 Aug   REVOLUTION Editorial Comments on Castro's Statement to Cuban

16 Aug   Fidel Castro Addresses FEU Session

19 Aug   Premier Castro Closes Sugar Congress

25 Aug   Text of Castro Communique on Shelling

28 Aug   Castro Statement Condemns recent Havana Raid by
Counterrevolutionary mercenaries of US Imperialism

29 Dec   Castro Attends Playa Larga Festival