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Visit to Elektrosila Plant

Moscow TASS in English to Europe 1421 GMT 15 May 1963--L

(Text) Leningrad--Thousands of workers accorded an enthusiastic welcome to
Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro and his companions who, straight from
Leningrad airport, went to the Elektrosila plant, the oldest enterprise in
Soviet power machine building. "Viva Cuba! Viva Fidel!" the workers shouted
in unison.

Fidel Castro, accompanied by the Elektrosila general director Anatoliy
Mozalevskiy proceeded to the hydrogenerator shop. The machines produced
here are installed at the biggest power stations built in recent years on
the Volga, the Don, the rivers of the Urals and in Siberia.

Fidel Castro attentively studied one of the generators which is being made
for Indian. Then he saw the equipment on which parts for another generator
or 225,000-kilowatt capacity for the Bratsk power station are processed. He
was presented with a souvenir--a model of an electric generator.

A friendship meeting was held at the turbogenerator shop, which was crowded
to capacity. We are doing wonderful things for the sake of the people,
Fidel Castro said there, addressing the workers. We have heard many good
words about our revolution, he continued. But this is only the beginning.
We reply on the strength of the Cuban people. Fidel Castro cheered the
solidarity of the working people of the socialist countries.

Vasiliy Tolstikov, first secretary of the Leningrad industrial regional
CPSU Committee, stated, addressing the meeting, that "no forces can stamp
out the revolutionary enthusiasm of the Cubans. A guarantee of this is the
inviolable proletarian solidarity and friendship of the freedom-loving
peoples," he stressed.

Fidel Castro and his party proceeded to their residence from the
Elektrosila plant.

(Editor's Note--W: Moscow in Spanish to South American at 0100 GMT on 16
May presented at 21.5-minute report of the meeting of Fidel Castro with the
workers of the Elektrosila plant which describes the warm welcome accorded
Castro. A great ovation is heard as he appears at the speaker's platform.
In addition to Fidel Castro, speakers at the meeting include a communist
worker, who greats Castro on behalf of the workers of the factory and
expresses the support and solidarity of the Soviet people with Cuba, a
woman worker, who speaks on behalf of the youth of the factory and hails
Cuba and Cuban heroism, as well as Vasiliy Tolstikov, who greets Castro on
behalf of the people of Leningrad and wishes the Cuban people success. The
recording to the meeting includes the 7.5 minute speech by Fidel Castro,
the text of which follows.)