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Havana Radio Rebelde in Spanish 1700 GMT 16 July 1963--F

(Recorded interview of Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, INRA president; Severo
Aguirre, chief of agricultural-livestock production of INRA; and Prime
Minister Fidel Castro at the inauguration ceremony of the sausage fair
being held in the Czechoslovak House of Culture in Havana)

(Text) Interviewer: We are going to take advantage of the opportunity since
we are at the Czechoslovak House of Culture, site of the current sausage
fair, sponsored and organized by INRA's Consolidated Meat Enterprise and
ask Mr. Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, who is present, to say something for Radio

Carlos Rafael Rodriguez--We are here with two of the comrades who have
almost all of the responsibility for the development of this sausage fair.
Comrade Dr. Barrios, general administrator of the Consolidated Meat
Enterprise and Comrade (Munish--phonetic), a Czechoslovak technician and
one of the technicians working with us in developing one of the varieties
of meat production of our country.

On other occasions I have said that this fair is only a preview. The
products exhibited here, including typically Czechoslovak, Spanish,
Hungarian, and Bulgarian products as well as others that are domestic, are
being placed on the market in limited quantities. During the second half of
the year, we will increase the amount available to the public, but I
believe that only by the beginning of 1964 can we consider production on a
larger scale.

We feel that Comrade Fidel Castro's idea in proposing to us, after learning
of the products that he himself has vigorously promoted, particularly the
products from Santa Maria Rosari, Spanish products, of which he is the
principal defender and promoter, the idea proposed by Comrade Fidel, we
repeat, that the Havana public should get a preview of these products has
seemed interesting to us.

Here, we will be able to show how much more we still have to do and also
how much we can do. The Havana population will have the opportunity of
testing the quality of a production in which new lines are being introduced
which shows us that the Consolidated Meat Enterprise is working at a level
which the meat industry of our country has never before attained.

Here, there is proof of the pork quality in our nation. Pork production has
doubled in the first six months of this year. As to animals slaughtered in
comparison to the first six months of 1962: 50,000 swine for the first
semester of this year, as compared to less than 25,000 during the first
semester of last year. Insofar as weight, we were not only able to increase
it 100 percent but even a little over 100 percent. The average was 200
pounds per slaughtered animal, and it is indicative of the good work of the
people's farm and the people's sugarcane plantation and also of what is now
private (enterprise--Ed.) in our country, which with all the guarantees of
the Revolutionary Government's policy for the development of their
production, are increasing their deliveries and also improving the quality
of the swine delivered.

We feel that as the Havana population gets some idea of what the future of
the meat industry will be in our country it will once more have the
opportunity of ascertaining that the Revolutionary Government, during the
period of the construction of socialism, is beginning to develop the motto
and the fundamental law of satisfying the material and cultural needs of
our people to the maximum possible. Thanks very much to Radio Rebelde for
this opportunity.

Interviewer: That was the end of the statement by Dr. Rafael Rodriguez who
is visiting the sausage fair at the Czechoslovak House of Culture. Now let
us take the opportunity of talking to Comrade Severo Aguirre who is also at
the House of Culture visiting the sausage fair. Here is Comrade Severo with
some remarks for Radio Rebelde's listeners about this great fair.

Severo Aguirre: I think that all that could be said about the importance
and significance of this fair has already been said by Comrade Carlos
Rafael Rodriguez, the president of INRA.

The fair gives us an idea of what can be done in Cuba with pork meat as the
basic raw material. The fair tells us that we have many possibilities as
swine production develops pursuant to Revolutionary Government plans. We
can doubtlessly product a great variety of pork byproducts. This fair
commits those of us who work in INRA, of those of us who work in swine
production, and in general those of us who work in livestock production, to
redouble our efforts, redouble our work, increase production, and obtain a
development of swine and cattle production which will allow us in a
relatively short period to supply the people with the products now being
exhibited here in the amounts required for their nourishment. Thank you.

Interviewer: You have been listening to the remarks of Comrade Severo
Aguirre, chief of production of the National Association of Small Farmers
(ANAP) (as heard). (Editor's note: At this point in the recording, which
has a crowd noise background, unidentified voices are heard with
inconsequential remarks, then there is momentary recording break and we
hear the words:)

Interviewer: A statement for Radio Rebelde? About the fair.

Fidel Castro: A statement for Radio Rebelde? Well, we are looking over the
sausages around here.

Interviewer: How is it going?

Castro: Good. It looks good. Very good.

Interviewer: We have made great progress, right?

Castro: We are progressing a little at a time. But we are progressing. That
is what is important.

Interviewer: That is what is needed.

Castro: Are not you going to taste the sausages?

Voice: I have not tasted them yet.

Castro: We are going to let you have some sausage on condition that you
will give it some publicity.

Voice: Well, publicity is not needed. The sausage is very good.

Castro: Well, the product is good.

Female voice: Have you tried the sausage?

Castro: I tried them before when the tests first began (general laughter).

Voice: And they are good, no?

Castro: They are good.