Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

Moscow TASS in English to Europe 1911 GMT 27 July 1963--L

(Text) Havana--on 26 July the people of the freedom island celebrated the
10th anniversary of the national uprising of 26 July. Hundreds of thousands
of Havana residents and people from Pinar del Rio, Havana, and Matanzas
provinces filed the huge Jose Marti Revolution Square.

The anniversary meeting was addressed by Fidel Castro. At the beginning of
his speech he stressed that the victorious Cuban revolution is growing and
developing despite all the intrigues of its enemies. Fidel Castro ridiculed
the false predictions of imperialists and their lackeys that the old system
would be restored in Cuba. These gentry are loath to part with their
illusions; they do not want to understand that the Cuban revolution is an
irrevocable historical fact which cannot be disregarded, he said.

The Cuban Premier then dwelt at length on the significance of the heroic
attack on the Moncada barracks for the development of the revolutionary
struggle of the peoples of Cuba and all Latin America.

After accomplishing the revolution, the Cuban people immediately received
substantial assistance from the Soviet Union and other socialist countries,
Fidel Castro said. We know from personal experience that any people doing
what the revolution of Cuba have done will get the resolute support of the
USSR and the socialist camp.

The Premier ridiculed the contentions of imperialist propaganda about Cuban
aid by arms and money to the revolutionary movement in Latin America. What
we do is share the ideas of the revolutionaries of the world, he said.
Ideas cannot be blockaded. they spread fast and far. the imperialists
cannot prevent this. American imperialism cannot prevent revolutions by the
peoples. It would be ready to use even atomic weapons against them, but it
does not do so because of the devastating military might of the socialist
camp headed by the Soviet Union.

Fidel Castro exposed fresh aggressive actions by the United States against
Cuba which had been undertaken of late. But we are not afraid of this, he
added. We now have powerful air power, a navy, and means of combatting
landings; we have a well-organized, disciplined army, equipped with
up-to-date weapons.

Speaking of Soviet economic aid for Cuba, Fidel Castro said that the USSR
had sent to Cuba 15 fishing boats, that Soviet specialists were training
men for Cuba's fishing fleet, and that the Soviet Union was helping Cuba in
the construction of two powerful thermoelectric stations.

Mechanization of sugar-cane harvesting effected with Soviet assistance,
Fidel Castro said, will enable the Cuban people to produce 8 million tons
of sugar by 1970. Our fraternal friendship with the Soviet Union and the
socialist camp is inviolable, the speaker said.