Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC


Havana Domestic Radio and Television Services in Spanish 0015 GMT 8 June

(Live speech by Prime Minister Fidel Castro at the Antonio Guiteras sugar
central in Oriente, at a ceremony where Castro sewed up the sack
representing production of 6 million tons of sugar)

(Text) Workers of the Guiteras central: As you know, the ceremony today,
this afternoon, is going to be with the participation of the workers of the
central, the agricultural workers, the people of this zone of Puerto Padre,
and of the zone of the Guieteras central. Naturally, since they could not
all get into this building (several words indistinct).

It was then decided to hold the ceremony outside, and all the workers are
invited. Well, I arrive here and I find a microphone, and anyway I know
that some workers will not be able to attend because they have to stay
here, so I am going to say a fed words.

For all of us this has been a very moving event, and I do not know whether,
when we reach the 10 million tons (shouting, applause)--that when we reach
the 10 million tons, we are going to feel as much emotion as we do today,
because without a doubt this sugarcane harvest has been a decisive
sugarcane harvest. It was a decisive test, a decisive battle. The fact that
we produced 6 million tons, raising production since 1963 from 3.8 million
tons to 6 million tons, is an unprecedented increase for our country. It is
an increase so great that we do not have the slightest doubt that we will
reach the 10 million tons (shouting, applause). It is said that this
central intends to break the world's record (shouting), a record held by
this central. We are going to establish a socialist production record.

A comrade told me when I came here that the former owner of this central
was so insolent that he even appointed a president. Fortunately, those
times have been left far behind. When we saw the convoy of agricultural
workers and the enthusiasm they showed in coming to the central, we thought
of the great difference and how things have changed since then. There is
something that cannot be described with words. It is the emotion, the
happiness, and the enthusiasm of the workers. It can be seen in the faces
of each of you have celebrated this veritable victory of the workers of our
country, this veritable victory of the revolution.

For the rest--well, we shall see each other later in the park although I
recognize that this is a magnificent place for the ceremony, (applause,
shouting) with the roar of the boilers, the heat, the spirit, the sweat of
hard work running down the foreheads of our workers who have just produced
that sack of sugar which symbolizes 6 megatons of sugar (shouting,
applause). In the same degree that it is a day of joy for all of us,
without a doubt it must be a day of great disillusion for our enemies
(shouting). There will be one or another magnate of those who are always
figuring things out--because they have had the hope that the revolution
would fail, that industry would fail--who at this moment has gone into
shock at this report that we have reached the 6 million. At a time when
they thought that we would be at the bottom, we are instead at the top, and
this is with the blockade, with the blockade.

And so, this is the fourth time that 6 million tons has been surpassed in
the history of Cuba. However, the principal merit of this feat has been the
conditions under which the recovery of our industry has taken place amid
all the other tasks that the people have to perform at this time, and the
manner in which all difficulties have been overcome. I am sure that the
prestige of our revolution will be consolidated with this victory, and
discouragement will deepen in the ranks of our enemies. We can say that
those magnates who were planning to return, thinking of their land, have
really panicked (shouting, cheering, applause).

Comrades, in the name of the government and our party, with all our heart
we congratulate and embrace you in this moment of victory; and we wish the
workers of this central, who at this moment represent all the workers of
our industry and all the workers of our country, many successes such as
this one. Thank you very much. Fatherland or death, we will win!