Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC


Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1100 GMT 1 October 1965--F

(Text) The premier of the Cuban Revolutionary Government, Maj. Fidel Castro on
30 September made the following statements in answer to certain statements from the
U.S. State Department in relation to the departure of Cubans form the country.

The U. S. State Department said that "if my words of 28 September in regard to the
ones who want to leave for the United States were serious, I should present them
through diplomatic channels and then they would be ready to give them the most careful
consideration and also that my public proposal was vague and ambiguous."

Maj. Fidel Castro's statement continues: of course, if the Government of the United
States did not take my words seriously, it would have had no reason for the unconcealable
worry which it is experiencing before a proposal which doe snot leave them any
other alternative but to unmask their policy and renounce this mess (rejuego) which
they have carried out for almost 3 years with what they fall Cuban refugees, since
they suspended travel to Cuba, thereby prohibiting all those persons who had
previously received permission to go to the United States and many of whom had
already party of their family living there and obliging them to attempt the trip
under [Unreadable text] conditions, a fact they have exploited, without any scruples, for
publicity reasons.

The Premier's statement said this is why the U.S. State Department's statement that we
are trying to make propaganda with this proposal are ridiculous. The Premier adds
that the Cuban Government is not only speaking seriously and without ambiguity or
vagueness, but furthermore, it is ready to furnish two planes daily so that the
Cuban citizens who wish to be together with their families or simply to live there can
go to the United States at not cost to them. In that case, the only thing that would
cost the United States would be the landing and take-off expenses of our airplanes from
the Miami airport. This is very clear and very concrete.

Maj. Fidel Castro's answer to the U.S. State Department concludes by saying that if the
U.S. Government does not wish to discuss this matter publicly, it is up to it to issue
pertinent instructions to the representatives of its interests in Cuba to that they
can ask the Revolutionary Government for whatever information they are interested
in in this regard.

Meanwhile, as far as we are concerned, we will abide by that decision which says that
beginning 10 October we will pledge complete guarantees and facilities to all who wish
to come to Cuba by their own means to pick up their families.