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Kosygin, Castro Speeches at Housing Project

Moscow TASS International Service in English 1154 GMT 28 Oct 71 L

[Text] Havana October 28 TASS--Aleksey Kosygin, member of the Political
Bureau of the CPSU Central Committee and chairman of the Council of
Ministers of the USSR, now on a friendly visit in Cuba, and Fidel Castro,
the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba
and prime minister of the Revolutionary Government, visited the Havana
suburb of Alamar where a new residential district is under construction.
The construction work is being done by volunteer teams from 150 factories
of the country.

The working people of Alamar and other districts of the Cuban capital gave
a warm welcome to the Soviet guests. Everywhere there were streamers
saying: "Welcome to Cuba, envoys of the fraternal Soviet people."

After inspecting Alamar Aleksey Kosygin addressed a mass meeting. "Long
live Soviet-Cuban friendship", "Long live communism!" (?shouted) thousands
of workers as Aleksey Kosygin and Fidel Castro appeared on the platform.

We have arrived in Cuba, said Aleksey Kosygin, at the invitation of Comrade
Fidel Castro. Soviet people entertain the most friendly sentiments towards
the Cubans. These are the sentiments of a people which has always been on
Cuba's side.

Fidel Castro then made a speech in reply.

He reported on the progress of housing construction in Alamar and described
the selfless efforts of two thousands volunteer builders as a good example
of communist-style work. Castro noted a high labor efficiency and
discipline of the Alamar builders and urged the working people throughout
the country to follow their example.

Fidel Castro said further that the Soviet people had stood with credit
historical ordeals. He highly commented on the heroic struggle of the
Soviet Union against the Hitler invaders and the labour feat of the Soviet
people in rebuilding their national economy. From all these trials the
Soviet Union had emerged still stronger and more powerful, Fidel Castro

The Cuban prime minister recalled that the Soviet Union is giving extensive
assistance to his republic. We are grateful to the Soviet people for this,
Fidel Castro said.

He cheered the inviolable friendship between the peoples of the Soviet
Union and Cuba.

After the meeting A.N. Kosygin and Fidel Castro made a tour of Havana
Province and visited the auto-repair works named after Cuban-Soviet

[Moscow TASS International Service in English at 0098 GMT on 28 October
reports: "After the meeting Kosygin and Castro left on a tough of Havana