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10 November Press Conference

Havana in Spanish to the Americas 1100 GMT 11 Nov 71 C

[Excerpts] Speaking to Chilean and foreign newsmen who were permitted to
enter the garden of the Cuban ambassador's residence in Santiago, Cuban
Prime Minister Maj Fidel Castro conveyed his greetings to the Chilean
workers and said that his meeting with Salvador Allende represents a great
victory for the Chilean and Cuban people and consequently for Latin

A television reported asked Fidel if he had given thought to what would
occur if something were to happen to him during his visit. The Cuban leader
answered: "Nothing is going to happen. If something does happen, the only
thing that would occur would be more revolution. I confess that the Cubans
were somewhat concerned because imperialism is opposing them and the
counterrevolutionaries are still strong in Chile."

Asked about the possibility that he would sign an agreement with President
Salvador Allende at the conclusion of his visit to Chile, Fidel said that
surely some document will be signed as a result of the talks with the
Chilean Government, adding that Cuba is ready to cooperate with Chile with
or without an agreement.

During the talk with reporters, the Cuban Prime Minister said that he could
not make a stopover in Lima because the trip had already been planned
directly, but that he has no objection to making a stopover in Lima on his

A reporter asked Fidel if this trip to Chile represents the end of Cuba's
isolation because of the imperialist blockade. The Cuban revolutionary
leader answered: "What can be said is that the end of Cuba's isolation
began with the victory of Popular Unity in Chile. One should not forget
Peru. I want to say nothing about Bolivia, but it had its historic moment.
If i were a Uruguayan voter I would vote for the Broad Front. General
Seregni seems to be a great personality."

He was asked if it were true that Cuban foreign policy had changed. Fidel
said: "That is not true; what has changed is the situation outside of Cuba,
not Cuba's foreign policy."