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Kissidougou Address

Conakry PRELA [PRENSA LATINA] in Spanish to PRELA Havana 1200 GMT 6 May 72

[Speech by Fidel Castro in Kissidougou, Guinea on 4 May]

[Text] Comrade Sekou Toure, comrades of the party and Kissidougou
authorities, Kissidougou comrades: The president has said some very
gracious words regarding our people and revolution. We feel very honored by
these comments. We also admire the modesty of the president, his courage,
his frankness, his constant appeal for criticism, his self-criticism, his
constant appeals for fulfillment of duty, for struggle, for work, while he,
in his modesty, prefers to stress his difficulties instead of his triumphs.

Nevertheless, we want to state that there exists in our country a great
admiration for Comrade Toure (applause) and for the people and revolution
of Guinea (applause). We are aware of the difficult circumstances under
which you have had to struggle. We are aware of how much poverty was left
by the colonialists in Guinea, the many things the colonialists did to
humiliate Guinea, the efforts which the imperialists made to divide Guinea.
We know all this. We know of the many obstacles which the revolutionary
movement had to face in this country. We know that Comrade Sekou Toure
(applause) gathered up the banners of this glorious forefathers who
furiously fought against the conquerors of Guinea, that he gathered the
history of this nation, the glory of this nation, the dignity of this
nation, the [word indistinct] many traditions [words indistinct] of this
nation, that he has been the builder of [words indistinct] of his people.

We know that he founded his party, that he is the leader of an outstanding
group of Guinean fighters, that with the party, with his strategy, his
intelligence, his political doctrine and his education of the masses, he
united the people, led them to their independence, kept them aware of
problems, started on the difficult path of development in the midst of
imperialist aggression, and has established in this nation an example for
all the people of Africa and a source of encouragement for all the
revolutionary peoples of the world (applause).

We Cubans, who have lived through an experience similar to yours, know what
a revolutionary people are, know what a fighting people are, what a
conscious people are, what a united people are, what--in two words--a
revolutionary people are. All these things that we know: Enthusiasm,
discipline, unity, conscience, fighting spirit, party support, support for
revolutionary leaders, we have all seen here, and we have seen it at a very
high level (applause).

It gives us much encouragement to know that our people, that the Latin
American people, have here in Guinea a brother people who are their
comrades in the struggle, who also are [word indistinct] engaged in the
struggle for independence, in the liberation from imperialist. How can we
find this in today's Guinea--which is independent, dignified, enthusiastic
and a fighter? We find it because there is revolutionary thought here,
because there is a party, because there is political education and because
there is a leader like comrade Sekou Toure (applause) [word indistinct]
that is why Africa has an example, why Africa has a trench (applause). In
other nations imperialist has been able to obtain some victories, to take
the people's power from them, in other nations colonialism and
neocolonialism have imposed themselves, but in Guinea they have not been
able to do so (applause). In Guinea they have not been able to take the
people's power; they have taken [words indistinct] independence. They have
not been able to take Guinea's prestige, its dignity, its honor. The
efforts of imperialism have been smashed by the people of Guinea, as they
were smashed by Cuba (applause).

They scorned our people. They thought it would be easy but our people have
shown the imperialist that it is not an easy battle, and that if the people
are united, if they have a party, if they possess a revolutionary
conscience, if they have a fighting spirit and a system of capable
leadership, the imperialists cannot defeat them (applause).

Vietnam, Guinea, Cuba are three examples for imperialism. Vietnam, Guinea
and Cuba won their independence (applause). Vietnam, Guinea and Cuba will
maintain their independence. Vietnam, Guinea and Cuba are an example for
the other people who struggle in [word indistinct] Africa, Asia and Latin
America (applause)

Long live the liberation struggle of the people!

Long live brotherhood among people!

Long live friendship between the people of Guinea and Cuba! (shouts of
Viva) Imperialism. (shouts of down) Colonialism. (shouts of down)
Neocolonialism. (shouts of down) Glory. (shouts of the people) Honor.
(shouts of the people) Victory. (shouts of the people) Fatherland or death
we shall win. (applause)