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Havana in Spanish to Americas 0000 GMT 9 May 72 C

[Text] Cuban Prime Minister Maj Fidel Castro and Algerian President Houari
Boumediene left their open car in which they were traveling from the
airport to the Algerian capital and headed a popular demonstration which
applauded both revolutionary leaders. Algeria is the third country on the
African Continent visited by the first secretary of the Cuban Communist
Party. Maj Fidel Castro made a nonscheduled visit Sunday to Sierra Leone
and met with that country's president, Siaka Stevens.

The Cuban prime minister regretted that the short visit did not allow him
to see more of the country. He recalled how, during the centuries of
European colonization of America, many men from Sierra Leone were taken in
chains to Cuba, then a Spanish colony. Fidel mentioned the common,
historical roots of the two countries. Sierra Leoneans established their
families in Cuba and helped to free our country by fighting against the
colonial power.

The colonialists, Prime Minister Maj Fidel Castro stressed, committed a
great crime, but they never though that one day these countries would be
independent, would be sovereign, that these countries would be writing
common histories. Fidel said that these two countries, in America and
Africa, are brothers not only because of their ideals but also by blood.

Maj Fidel Castro spoke about the new life of independent countries. Fidel
said: Your new life is a honorable as it is full of difficulties. Every new
path is as difficult one--a courageous path. Our countries are presently in
a situation in which resources are to be developed and culture, science and
knowledge will be considerably increased. The task is not easy, it is a
difficult one. There are powerful enemies, but when a bask begins there is
always the opportunity to do the best we can.

On the task of building a country, the first secretary of the Cuban
Communist Party said: As you will see in the future, you can count on the
aid of your Cuban bothers. We, Fidel said, bring a message of friendship
and solidarity from our people.

The visit of our prime minister of African countries, now in its third
phase has been a [word indistinct] to the solidarity between the nations
and the unity in confronting the common enemy, struggling against the
difficulties facing developing countries. Castro said in Guinea that Guinea
can always count on Cuba's aid, all kinds of aid in confronting the enemies
who threatened that African republic. The people who in past years were
victims of slavery are rising up throughout the world. Africa, Asia and
Latin America, considered by the colonialist, neocolonialists and
imperialists powers as part of their backyard, have begun the struggle for
true freedom--a long struggle not free from difficulties, but at the end
the people will be the victors.