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Farewell Message

Havana PRELA in Spanish 1435 GMT 17 May 72 C--FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

[Text] Algiers, 17 May--Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro left Algiers for
Sofia at 1054 hours on the next leg of his trip to various countries of
Africa and of socialist Europe.

Algerian Premier Houari Boumendiene said goodby to Fidel Castro at the
stairs of the IL-62.

Before leaving, the Cuban prime minister gave his regards to members of the
Council of the Revolution, the Council of Ministers and the diplomatic
corps, as well as to Cuban doctors and students studying on scholarships.

From the plane, the prime minister sent a message to Algerian Premier
Boumediene in which he states that "this meeting is of profound importance
for our two countries."

The text of the message is as follows:

To comrade Houari Boumediene, chairman of the council of the Revolution and
the Council of Ministers of the Democratic and People's Republic of

Dear comrade;

On leaving Algerian borders, in the name of the delegation of the party and
the Revolutionary Government of Cuba and in my own name, I would like to
express to you, to the Council of the Revolution and to the Algerian
Government and people our most sincere gratitude for the warm welcome and
the unforgettable proofs of affection and friendship extended to us
everywhere we visited. We would especially like to thank you for honoring
us by accompanying us during our entire tour of your country.

This meeting is of deep significance to both our countries. In addition to
the exchange of experiences and ideas, it has given us the opportunity to
strengthen personal ties and to gain a more concrete and a deeper knowledge
of our revolutions.

We have been impressed by Algeria's beauty, but the quantity of its
petroleum and mineral resources and by the richness of its agricultural
soils. The challenge presented by the immense Sahara is great, as are its
future possibilities when the technical and economic under development and
the poverty left behind by colonialism have been overcome.

Revolution is by no means an easy road, but you have bravely,
perserveringly and heroically overcome the immense obstacle which the
military and political power of foreign oppressors represented.

You will also resolutely win the hard battle for development. A new Algeria
is being born before our eyes. Its foundation is solid and indestructible.
The workers and cadres who will manage the new and modern industries are
already evident everywhere. The Algerian people, the most extraordinary
asset of this marvelous country, reflect in their hospitality, their
warmth, their enthusiasm and their revolutionary solidarity, the
magnificent virtues of a nation which conquered its liberty at the price of
immense sacrifice and heroism. The Algerian people are a solid and
invincible bulwark, and are in absolute guarantee for the future you are

As in the glorious days of the struggle for emancipation, Algeria can count
on Cuba's militant solidarity and on our eternal friendship and

[Signed] Fidel Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party and prime
minister of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba.