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Sofia BTA Domestic Service in Bulgarian 1920 GMT 26 May 72 A

[Text] Bulgaria is an example of a consistent, progressive and even
sensational development, Fidel Castro said at a press conference here last
night. Bulgarian agriculture has become a front-ranking agriculture. In my
opinion this is not well enough known to the world. One talks about French
agriculture and U.S. agriculture. The progress of Bulgaria's agriculture,
however, is not actually known. We have no doubts that the Bulgarian
agricultural economy will become a model.

The Cuban leader answered numerous questions put to him by representatives
of BTA, radio, television, central newspapers and by foreign journalists.

Asked about the Bulgarian-Cuban talks, Castro said that they were very
useful. This was an opportunity for us to see Bulgaria very closely and to
familiarize ourselves with its people, leaders and work. We foresee a
splendid future in relations between the two peoples in all sphere of life.

In connection with his forthcoming visits to other socialist countries,
Castro said that in Czechoslovakia as in Bulgaria and in the other
socialist countries we expect to visit, we hope to meet with the people,
familiarize ourselves with the people and the country, develop our ties and
relations, exchange opinions and struggle together for the future of our
countries and of the entire socialist camp.

In the first place, our visit to the socialist countries is something very
natural. It is a result of our relations and of a number of invitations and
requests to visit the socialist countries. We consider such travel to the
socialist countries--Bulgaria, the CSSR, the GDR and in all socialist
countries including the Soviet Union--as very positive, Castro said.

Asked about the significance of the treaties between the FRG and the USSR
as well as between the FRG and Poland and about the European security
conference, the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party said: I think
that the ratification of the treaties with the USSR and Poland is the most
reasonable thing which they have done in the past 25 years. I think that
the European security conference will take place. In the final analysis,
the European countries have no choice but to unite economically and link
their interests with those of the socialist camp. We believe that the
Warsaw Pact countries' stand in the realistic one and that there are
possibilities for the development of peace.

Fidel Castro said the following about Chile: Chile is unique, because for
the first time the people's parties have achieved power through elections
and they intend to carry our a socialist revolution in the country. All of
us who have had experience in revolution known that this is no easy task.
These parties have many difficulties and obstacles but they continue to
develop. This is a very interesting experience for all countries and we
wish them success.

About the Vietnam war Fidel Castro said: In our opinion the Vietnamese
people, regardless of their being up against U.S. technical and military
potential, have proved their great courage and wisdom as well as an
exceptional revolutionary spirit in the struggle. From our standpoint, the
Vietnamese people are not demonstrating that the Vietnamization of the war
has been a complete failure. They also have demonstrated that the
mercernaries [as received] lack moral strength and the capability of
resisting the patriots regardless of the U.S. Air Force support and the
military aid which the imperialists are rendering.

According to all prospects, nothing the United States does can prevent the
victory of the Vietnamese people. We are certain that Vietnam will be
victorious. Vietnam's heroism, backed by the support and weapons which the
fraternal socialist countries are giving to the Vietnamese people, will
undoubtedly lead to the failure of U.S. policy.

On the question about reports of two Mexican newspapers of 8 May on a
meeting between Premier Castro and President Nixon, he answered: We will
never accept such a meeting. We have not interest in such a meeting. These
is absolutely no sense in it. What would we demand from Nixon? To cease
being an imperialist? What should we demand from Nixon and from the U.S.
administration? To cease being aggressors?

In fact, I think that Nixon and the U.S. administration are ready to
improve their relations with Cuba. If, however, [words indistinct] to cut
off our ties with the Soviet Union, and with the socialist camp and if we
cease to support the revolutionary movements [words indistinct] and Nixon's
formulations that Cuba must become neutral and relinquish its revolutionary
banner. We will neither cut off our ties with the socialist camp nor will
we allow the Cuban revolution to be neautralized or cease supporting the
revolutionary movements. These are Cuba's firm and irreconcilable stands
from which we will not yield even a millimeter.

We have experienced the most difficult tests and survived them and thus we
managed to survive. We raised the revolutionary banner. We built a
revolutionary experience which is an example and inspiration for the Latin
American continent's revolution. There is absolutely no sense in making any
concession whatever to the United States.

About Georgi Dimitrov, Castro said: We consider Georgi Dimitrov in our
country as a great example and thinker of the revolutionary movement.
History knows no other such example of firmness, courage and worthiness. He
inscribed an unforgettable page, a page for revolutionaries throughout the
world. We believe that Dimitrov is one of the great moral treasures of the
Bulgarian Party, Bulgarian people and the international communist movement.
We follow the great feeling the preparations of the Bulgarian people for
Dimitrov's 90th anniversary. We will celebrate this anniversary in Cuba as
well. We have great affection for Dimitrov, Lenin, Marx, and Engels--they
are figures of great revolutionary qualities.

Some 3,000 Bulgarian specialists have worked in Cuba and they contributed
much to the relations of friendship between Cuba and Bulgaria, Fidel Castro
emphasized. We remember all of them with great affection. They strengthened
Cuban-Bulgarian friendship.

I believe that there will be new forms of cooperation. The important thing
is that there is a desire for such a cooperation, Castro said.