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Meeting With Troops

Havana in Spanish to the Americas 1100 GMT 3 Jun 72 C

[Feature: "Radio Havana Comments"]

[Text] Cuban Prime Minister Maj Fidel Castro has reaffirmed that
revolutionary Cuba will stand firm before imperialism without any turning
back. Fidel was speaking to Hungarian troops which conducted military
maneuvers in honor of the Cuban delegation currently visiting that country.
Fidel said: You can think of us as a strong and unyielding socialist
bulwark adjacent to the United States.

The Cuban prime minister also said that Cuban citizens consider themselves
soldiers of all socialist nations, and that they will not remain with their
arms folded before any conflict these nations might face.

Following the maneuvers, a luncheon was held for the Cuban delegation in
tents set up in a wooded area near the site of the maneuvers. At the
luncheon, Maj Fidel Castro and a Hungarian Army recruit held a lively
exchange of views. The recruit apologized to the Cuban prime minister for
appearing in combat fatigues while presenting a gift to him from the troops
participating in the maneuvers. I did not have the time to change clothes,
the recruit apologized. Well, Fidel answered, I also had to wear fatigues
last night to the reception given at Parliament because the talks went on
so long that I did not have time to change either. Then the Hungarian youth
said something very important; he told Fidel: you are always thought of as
being dressed in fatigues. In fact, all the soldiers here call these
clothes the Fidel Castro uniform, even though in the regulations they may
be listed as Combat Uniform No 75.

After Fidel received a gift from a noncommissioned officer and from the
Hungarian recruit, the highest leader of the Cuban revolution addressed the
soldiers and officers. He congratulated them for conducting the maneuvers
despite the rain, the mud, and the cold. We have been able to witness,
Fidel said, the soldier's excellent training, their thorough knowledge of
technique, the officer's capabilities, and also the equipment constructed
in the country. We carry with us a very good impression regarding your
military matters. The Cuban prime minister continued: Although what we have
seen of military affairs and technical matters has greatly impressed us, we
would like to say that there has been something in this contact between us
which surpasses everything else. That is the friendly, fraternal, and
familiar spirit you have shown us. We have felt quite well, he added: We
have felt quite at home.

The Cuban prime minister emphasized that this could be the only outcome of
a revolutionary education, of a spirit of socialist soldiers and communist
soldiers, of the generous affection you feel toward our people. Maj Fidel
Castro said that this spirit reflects the confidence that revolutionary
Cuba will stand firm before imperialism--without wavering, without turning