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Communique Signed

East Berlin ADN International Service in German 1510 GMT 19 Jun 72 L

[Text] Berlin--Following the end of official negotiations between
representatives of the GDR and Republic of Cuba party and state leadership,
a joint communique on the visit of the Cuban party-government delegationwas
signed at the SED CC building iun Berlin today by Erich Honecker, first
secrtary of the SED Central Committee, and Fidel Castro, first secretary of
the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee and premier of the
Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba.

All members of the two negotiating delegations took part in the ceremony.
Representing the GDR were SED Central Committee Politburo members Will
Stoph, chairman of the GDR Council of Ministers, and Hermann Axen,
Friedrich Ebert, Gerhard Gruerreberg, Kurt Hager, Wernere Krolikowski,
Werner Lamberz, Guenter Mittag, Alfred Neumann, Horst Sindermann, and
Herbert Warnke; Politburo candidate members Georg Ewald, Walter Halbritter,
Werner Jarowinsky, Guenther Kleiber, Erich Mielke, Margarete Mueller, and
Harry Tisch; and Horst Dohlus, member of the SED Central Committee

The Cuban side was represented by Comandante Abelardo Colome Ibarra,
Central Committee member of the Cuban member of the CJuban Communist Party
and deputy minister for the Revolutionary Armed Forces; Comandante Lino
Carreras Rodriguez, Central Committee member of the Cuban Communist Party
and chief of the armored division; Comandante Leopoldo Cintras Frias,
Central Committee member of the Cuban Communist Party and commander of the
infrantry division of the Army of Havana; Jaime Crombet Hernandez Baquero,
first secretary of the National Committee of the Communist Youth Union; and
Luis Gonzales Marturelos, national coordinator of the Committee for Defense
of the Revolution.

As a symbol of unbreakable friendship and fighting affection, after the
signing of the communique Fidel Castro gave Erich Honecker a map of the
Republic of Cuba. It shows an island bearing the name "Ernst Thaelmann."
The southern part of "Ernst Thaelmann" island is named "Beach of the GDR."
Fidel Castro and Erich Honecker embraced each other. Then at the request of
Fidel Castro, Erich Honecker signed his name below the spot marked on the
map "Ernst Thaelmann Island."

Fidel Castro said" "Here is a map showing an island that bears the name of
Ernst Thaelmann. One of its costs is named 'Beach of the GDR.' This is
close to the Bay of Pigs where an imperialist attack took place. We signed
this map with exact markings on 4 October 1971." The island is located in a
region highly appraised by revolutionary Cuba as a historic site of a
decisive battle against imperialism. "We believe that by choosing his name
we greatly honor Ernst Thaelmann. I beg you, Comrade Honecker, to sign this
map before I hand it to you. I also give you a copy of the decree that
specifies that the island in question should bear the name Ernst Thaelmann.
Ernst Thaelmann will thus always remain in our memory--he who did so much
for the proletariat of the world."

Erich Honecker expressed deep thanks for the map. "Permit me Dear Comrade
Castro, to thank you, the entire people of Cuba, and all Cuban comrades
here for this magnificent (?act of friendship and fighting affection
between our parties and peoples). The past few days have revealed how
strongly the solidarity between our countries is developing--a solidarity
firmy based on the strength and power of the USSR and the entire socialist
community. We are deeply honored by your choice of an island of
revolutionary Cuba to bear the name "Ernst Thaelmann." The person of Ernst
Thaelmann personfiies allthat links us--the ideas of proletarian
internationalism and communism. We wish to fight on in the spirit of Ernst
Thaelmann--in the spirit of Marx, Engels, and Lenin."

The decree naming the Cuban Island "Ernst Thaelmann" reads, inter alia:
"Our people venerate and highly esteemn Ernst Thaelmann, that antifascist
fighter and exemplary son of the German people. The Revolutionary
Government desires to bestow a permanent honor on him because he fought so
hard for the cause of the world proletariat."

The decree was signed on 5 June by President Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado,
Premier Fidel Castro Ruz, and Foreign Minister Raul Roa Garcia.