Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

Visit to Nitra

Prague Domestic Service in Slovak 1730 GMT 23 Jun 72 A

[Text] In the afternoon Comrade Fidel Castro, his entourage and his hosts
left for Nitra. In every commune and city through which the convey passed
the people and youth gave a cordial welcome to the esteemed guests. Flags,
bunches of flowers and waving hands lined the road along its entire length.
The same situation prevailed in the streets of Nitra.

The first stop of the Cuban guests was at the higher agricultural school.
The first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and premier of the
Revolutionary Government of the Cuban Republic was welcomed on the grounds
of the higher school by its rector, Prof Eng Jozef Kliment. He informed the
guest of the history of this modern higher school and invited him to
inspect it.

Comrade Castro inspected the school with great interest, giving attention
mainly to the exhibition of agricultural machinery. He signed the memorial
book and received a gift, a picture of the higher agricultural school.

Greeted by the assembled students and citizens of Nitra, Fidel Castro
stepped in front of the school building to an improvised platform, Comrade
Castro greeted the assembled students and delivered a short speech.
[Castro--recorded in Spanish with superimposed translation] You are faced
with an enormous task. You are faced with enormous work. You are able to do
with your lives whatever you choose: revolution, socialism, communism. Each
of you can make the best of his life. It is in your hands to achieve
something which makes man feel proud of his existence. You (?have received
us) with great friendliness and amiability. We want you to be good
students, to become good technicians and, above all, tomorrow to become
socialist and communist technicians, to become internationalist
technicians. [applause] [end recording]

After this Comrade Castro and his entourage went to inspect the farm of the
permanent all-state agricultural exhibition.