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Farewell Message

Prague PRELA in Spanish to PRELA Havana 1352 GMT 26 Jun 72 C--FOR OFFICIAL

[Text] Prague, 26 Jun--A message of regards and farewell from Prime
Minister Maj Fidel Castro to the leaders and people of Czechoslovakia was
transmitted from the Cubana de Aviacion plane taking him from this capital
to the Soviet Union.

The text of the message addressed to the secretary general of the Central
Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Gustav Husak, and the
premier of the Federal Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic,
Lubomir Strougal, says:

After a short but pleasant and fruitful stay in Czechoslovakia, and in
getting ready to leave your territory, I wish to convey in the name of our
delegation, our deep gratitude for the fraternal welcome and generous
hospitality you, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Federal
Government and people of Czechoslovakia, have given us.

The meetings with the Czechoslovak people in Prague and in Houstka and with
the Slovak people in Bratislava, Nitra and other places, became huge
demonstrations of love and affection for the Cuban Revolution which left
unforgettable emotions in our hearts.

It was truly stimulating for us to be able to see in the talks and visits
we carried out the firm determination to confront and triumph over all the
difficulties, see how the influence and prestige of the communist party and
its leaders grows among the masses, and how these masses thoroughly defend
the principles of Marxism-Leninism.

We leave with the conviction that the Czechoslovak people are victoriously
marching forward and that the socialist camp and the international
revolutionary movement can count on Czechoslovakia as a solid link,
faithful to its heroic traditions of struggle with a high internationalist
patriotic spirit.

The contacts with you and with the Czechoslovak people have marked a new
and important stage in the relations between our two countries.

We hope that your Central Committee and the Federal Government united with
the Czech and Slovak people, continue to win great victories in the
socialist construction.

On reiterating our most sincere gratitude for the pleasant stay that you
made it possible for us to enjoy in the land of Gottwald, Fucik and so many
other illustrious sons of this people, we express the hope of seeing you in
the not too distant future in our fatherland. [Signed] Very fraternally
yours, Fidel Castro Ruz.

First secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and prime minister of the
Revolutionary Government.