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Castro's Remarks at Plant

Moscow PRAVDA in Russian 4 Jul 72 p 1 L

[Unattributed report on visit to Ukhtomskiy plant by F. Castro under
general heading: "Soviet-Cuban Friendship Gains Strength"]

[Excerpts] On 3 July the collective of the Lyubertsiy Ukhtomskiy
agricultural machine-building plant warmly and cordially received Fidel
Castro Ruz, Cuban Communist Party Central Committee first secretary and
prime minister of the Cuban Republic's Revolutionary Government, and the
Cuban party and state figures accompanying him.

With Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz were K.F. Katushev, CPSU Central Committee
secretary, V.N. Novikov, USSR Council of Ministers deputy chairman, V.I.
Konotop, Moscow party obkom first secretary, I.F. Sinitsyn, minister of
tractor and agricultural machine building, and N.P. Tolubeyev, Soviet
ambassador to the Cuban Republic.

Fidel Castro Ruz, having been warmly greeted by those assembled, made a
speech at the meeting. He gave a detailed account of how the important
problem of the mechanization of sugarcane harvesting is being solved in
Cuba, stressing that for the next few years it will remain the most
important problem for the Cuban people. Fidel Castro noted the great work
of the Soviet specialists who have created a powerful combine harvester by
joint efforts along with Cuban engineers.

In Cuba it is proposed in time to build an assembly enterprise. Combines
will be assembled there and certain parts will be produced. The day will
come when a Cuban machine-building industry will develop which will be able
to produce combines itself. Of course, F. Castro said, much time will
elapse before this moment arrives. I tell you we shall only be able to
solve this problem with your assistance.

Fidel Castro shared his impressions about his visit to a number of Soviet
enterprises. Speaking of the Ukhtomskiy plant he said that he had seen good
labor organization, a high standard of discipline and an aspiration to work
as well as possible. For us, the honored guest emphasized, this visit is
very interesting. It inspires us. We have not only seen discipline and
labor enthusiasm but we have also seen what results the collective is

The Voronezh AES produced a great impression on me, Fidel Castro declared.
This power station is a veritable technical marvel. The success of its
creation lends glory to the Soviet Union. This is a really great
achievement by Soviet science and technology.

The Soviet Union under the guidance of Lenin's party has overcome
considerable difficulties and has emerged the victor. A mighty scientific,
technical, economic and industrial base now enables the Soviet land to move
confidently forward. The USSR is not only building its future but has also
created a mighty base on which the revolutionary movement of the world
relies. The history of the Cuban revolution is proof of this.

The victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution demonstrated the
political development of the people and their cohesion around the party
that Lenin had founded.

The Soviet people have accomplished many exploits and displayed heroism.
This history has remained in the heart and soul and in the consciousness of
every Soviet person. It is manifested in his revolutionary qualities and

At home in Cuba, Comrade Fidel Castro continued, we appreciate both the
majority of Soviet ideology and the political values which the Soviet
people have created as these deserve. We are profoundly convinced that the
Soviet Union has accomplished majestic historic transformations and that
mankind and its future generations will be eternally grateful to you.

Lenin lives and will continue to live for all people. The ideas of
Marxism-Leninism and the cause of the oppressed and exploited are
triumphing and will continue to triumph. Sooner or later all the peoples of
the world will travel along the road which was started in the days of the
October Revolution. The victory of communism is being striven for here, in
the land of the soviets!

Imperialism and its society, where exploiters and the exploited exist,
imperialism in which wars and aggression ripen, will disappear. Mankind
will move forward. The Soviet people are showing this to the world. Soviet
history teaches this to the world. The Soviet Union's prestige among other
people will grow. Friendship between the peoples of Cuba and the Soviet
Union will live and the brotherhood between them will develop.

Comrade Fidel Castro proclaimed toasts in honor of the Soviet people, the
CPSU, proletarian internationalism and the close and inviolable friendship
between the Soviet and Cuban peoples.