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Castro's TV Speech

Moscow TASS International Service in English 1853 GMT 7 Jul 72 L

[Text] Moscow July 6 TASS--Fidel Castro expressed a profound satisfaction
with his visit to the Soviet Union. "The talks passed in a very friendly
and fraternal atmosphere. We got to know each other better and our mutual
understanding has greatly increased," said the first secretary of the
Central Committee of the Communist Party and prime minister of Cuba.

Fidel Castro appeared on the Central Television of the USSR. His taped
speech was broadcast today in the evening news program via Intervision.

Fidel Castro said: "We got convinced that the viewpoints of the USSR and
Cuba coincide on the main problems. I say this in all openness."

It can be said that our relations now reached the highest level, Castro
said. And we are convinced that in future, they will become even better and
that our cooperation will become closer. We have very good relations in all
the field. This refers to technology, economy, politics.

Fidel Castro pointed out that since his last visit to the USSR, eight years
ago, great changes took place in the Soviet Union in all the fields. "These
changes caused our admiration," he said.

Our most vivid impression is from the Soviet people, Fidel Castro said.
"The Soviet people are noble, disinterested and warm people and at the same
time the people who have the highest culture in the world--both general and
political culture, high revolutionary consciousness and exceptional
strength of mind."

Great changes have taken place in the Soviet Union, great historic
exploits, scientific, technical and economic, were made, Castro said. But
the greatest impression is from the people--their consciousness, unity,
faith and cohesion around the party and their revolutionary training have
strengthened. If Lenin could see what the Soviet people have achieved, if
he could see their achievements in culture, politics, revolutionary
awareness, the way the people in whom he believed have changed, he would
have felt great pride, Fidel Castro said.