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Delegation Tours Warsaw

Warsaw PAP International Service in English 1610 GMT 7 Jun 72 L

[Text] PAP Warsaw 7 June--Wednesday, the 7th of June, was the second day of
the stay in Poland of the party-government delegation of the Republic of
Cuba, led by First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee
and Premier of the Revolutionary Government of the Republic Fidel Castro.

Special PAP reporters Miroslaw Ikonowicz and Juliusz Solecki write:

After yesterday's talks between the Polish and Cuban leaders, the second
day of the stay in Poland of the Cuban party-government delegation was of a
less official character. It began with Fidel Castro's visit to the
elementary school No. 92 in Warsaw, which has been named after the hero of
the Cuban Revolution Che Guevara.

Fidel Castro was welcomed in front of the school by a joyous group of young
people, which included also students from the nearby secondary school named
after Jose Marti, the great writer and fighter of the liberation of Cuba.
The boys and girls gave the Cuban guests an enthusiastic welcome. They
handed Fidel bunches of flowers and tied round his neck a golden-red scarf
of the "Czwartaki" Pathfinder Group.

With a tight circle of young people round him Fidel Castro entered the
school auditorium to hear, surprisingly, the words of the old Cuban anthem
"La Bayamesta" which urges the people to struggle for freedom, A
seventh-standard girl student concluded her welcome in Spanish with the
words "We want to be like Ernesto Che Guevara." Fidel Castro was also
greeted in Spanish by a representative of the "Jose Marti" Secondary School
Magdalena Ikonowicz. Smiling all the time, the leader of the revolutionary
Cuba shook the children's hands and thanked them for the welcome and an
impressive poetic production based on the text of Che's Bolivian diary.

Director of the school J. Zdzieszynska introduced to the guests a little
Cuban boy Antonio Orta, a student of the first form, Fidel Castro asked how
many pupils attended the school, showed interest in their educational
progress and asked the pupils about their holiday plans.

After a warm farewell, the Cuban guests left the Warsaw quarter to Zoliborz
and headed downtown along the Vistula embankment. On their way, Fidel
Castro and the accompanying party visited the Warsaw Citadel with the
Martyrology Museum set up to commemorate a number of generations of Polish
revolutionaries--heroes of the struggle for national independence and
social liberation. Having visited the 10th Pavilion and the Execution Wall
with its big plaques bearing the names of those who had fallen for freedom:
Jaroslaw Dabrowski, Ludwik Waryski, Romuald Traugutt and others, Fidel
Castro entered his signature in the museum memorial book.

Further on their way along Warsaw streets, the visitors viewed the building
site of the Lazienkowska Thoroughfare--the biggest municipal investment
project in the capital, as well as the new housing estate in Czerniakow,
now under construction.

Early in the afternoon, the Cuban party-government delegation, headed by
Fidel Castro, left Warsaw on a tour of the country, The first stage of the
tour is Katowice.