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Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 2300 GMT 6 Apr 73 F

[Text] "The main event of the festivities marking the 26 July anniversary
will be held in the historic city of Santiago de Cuba," announced Maj Fidel
Castro, first secretary of the PCC Central Committee, in an interview with
journalists of the dailies JUVENTUD REBELDE and SIERRA MAESTRA. The
interview with Fidel took place a few minutes after the high-level
delegation of the Czechoslovak party and government had deposited a floral
wreath at the mausoleum of the Apostle Jose Marti in the Santa Efigenia

[Unreadable text] referred to several aspects of the development of the
province, such as the sugar harvest, cattle program and the good spirits of
the people of Oriente Province. Asked if he thought that the province has
moved forward during the past few years, he said: "Yes, the province has
made great progress during the past few years. That is an unquestionable
impression. Great work is being done in the rice program, in the program of
dam construction and in the construction of schools."

Elsewhere in his interview he added that the people of Oriente Province
appeared to be very happy. He stated: "I believe that we are going to have
a great commemoration on this 20th anniversary of the assault on the
Moncada Barracks." He said that Santiago de Cuba looked very clean and that
this was a great honor. He stated: "I have noticed that the 'INO' buses are
kept in good condition."

Maj Fidel Castro referred to the magnificent welcome given to Gustav Husak,
general secretary of the CPCZ.

In referring to the plans that are due to begin in the province, Fidel
stated that the people of Oriente Province has started working in the
programs of reconstruction of furniture and houses. Asked about the
construction of schools, our prime minister pointed out that despite the
large number under construction in Oriente Province-- as many as the total
number built throughout the country last year--these were not yet enough to
satisfy the needs of the number of students reaching the medium level.

Fidel announced that secondary schools are under construction in the
Veguitas vegetable farm, in Holguin, in Guantanamo, in Contramaestre and in
Velasco. He added that secondary schools will be constructed in the mining
region and in the area of Mayari. He also said that there are 20
polyclinics under construction in the sugar mills. He said that a great
effort must be made in the cattle industry because the increase in
population of the country since the triumph of the revolution amounts to
almost 3 million inhabitants.

He said: "We are making great progress in the production of milk. We are
obtaining a greater daily production." He explained the various types of
cattle that are being developed.

In his conversation with the journalists Fidel referred to the construction
roads and the expressway under construction a few kms from Santiago de
Cuba. He said that an epic battle is being waged on the mountains
surrounding the city of Santiago de Cuba.

[Havana in Spanish to the Americas at 1200 GMT on 7 April, also reporting
on the Castro press conference, adds: "The leader of the Cuban revolution
spoke concerning the development of Oriente Province, the largest, richest
and most populous Cuban region. Fidel said that the Moa and Nicaro
processing plants--where all the nickel and cobalt exported by the country
are currently produced--will be rebuilt. He also mentioned the projects
calling for the installation of the greatest possible number of industries
in the Oriente Province to meet its population growth, the country's