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Fidel Castro Speech

Conakry Domestic Service in French 1230 GMT 4 Sep 73 N

[Speech by Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro on arrival in Conakry on 4
September-- live in Spanish with simultaneous French translation]

[Text] Dear Guinean friends, [applause] we are making a stopover in your
beautiful and heroic country. Three leaders from Caribbean countries are on
their way to represent their peoples at the conference of nonalined
countries--nonalined in the way described by Comrade Sekou Toure,
[applause] nonalined on the positions of imperialism, nonalined on
[applause and shouts of approval] and against colonialism, neocolonialism
and racism. As we approached this country, we decided not to continue our
journey without stopping in Conakry to greet our great and loyal friend and
extraordinary revolutionary, our dear comrade Ahmed Sekou Toure. [applause]
We have come to greet you also. Our visit will be very brief. We are in a
haste, and, therefore, my speech will be short.

We spent 24 hours without a moment's sleep. We did not know whether we
would feel tired on arriving here. We were feeling asleep but when we
arrived in this stadium, met you and saw this beautiful and impressive
spectacle--when we saw again the enthusiasm, revolutionary spirit,
happiness and unity and heard the music of the Guinean people--we felt our
strength return and we overcome our sleep and tiredness. [applause] We
visted this country 16 months ago. We have an unforgettable memory of this
people. Since that visit, we have spoken about and explained the
revolutionary prospects in Guinea wherever we went. We have always spoken
about the magnificent revolutionary example you are giving to the African
people and the world in general. Since that time, our relations of
cooperation have continued to develop in all fields. We are very proud and
satisfied about this.

But there is a new dimension to the present visit, because we have the
privilege and honor to travel in the company of two other leaders of
Caribbean countries--the prime minister of the Republic of Guyana, Comrade
Forbes Burnham, [applause] and the prime minister of Cuba's closest
neighbor, Jamaica, Comrade Michael Manley. [applause] The relations between
Cuba and the Caribbean countries have developed. At the time of our
previous visit, there was not yet any diplomatic relations between Cuba and
these countries. But thanks to the progressive policies and the firm and
courageous attitude of the leaders of Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados and
Trinidad and Tobago, who have defied imperialist pressures not to establish
diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba, relations between our people and
those of the other brotherly Caribbean countries have developed. This is
why we are able to travel together to the conference of nonalined countries
and to visit you together.

The positions of the Cuban delegation at the conference of nonalined
countries are completely in conformity with the position defined by Comrade
Sekou Toure. [applause] We consider it our most elementary duty to struggle
to insure that the conference adopts a clear and firm stand against
imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism and racism. [applause] The
struggling peoples are shedding their blood for their liberation.

It is not possible for us to forget that when we arrived at Conakry Airport
on our previous visit to Guinea, our comrade Amilcar Cabral was by the side
of the leaders of this country. [applause] Amilcar Cabral was assassinated
in a cowardly manner by the colonialists. We now feel the painful absence
of this comrade. This reminds us about our duty to struggle, our duty of
solidarity and our duty to support the revolutionary movements. The day
will come when there will not exist a single colonized country, a single
country dominated by neocolonialism, a single country where there is racial
discrimination, or a single country enslaved and oppressed by the
imperialists. These are the problems we must bear in mind during the
conference of nonalined coutnries. There must not be any confusion about
this. No one should try to divert us from our path. [applause] We must
understand (?that the imperialists are united) and that it is against these
imperialists that the progressive countries must struggle [few wores
indistinct]. [applause and shouts of approval]

We note that your organization has progressed since our last visit. We note
how the militia have progressed and how the Guinean Army and its officers
have progressed. We are aware of the great unity among the people. We know
that the Guinean revolution is an invincible bulwark and a solid vanguard
of the African revolution. [applause] We rejoince over this progress. This
encourages us and increases our optimism and confidence in the victory of
the revolution. We do not want to make a long speech. We knew that the
climatic condition was very unfavorable. We knew that there was heavy rain
on Conakry, but we said that even if there is heavy rain in Conakry, we
will stop in Conakry. [applause] We were touched to learn that because of
the rain, Comrade Sekou Toure was concerned for you and had decided to
cancel this rally, but when the people were consulted, they decided that
the (?rally should go on as planned). We have thus won a victory over
nature. We are thus able to participate in this demonstration and to enjoy
this beautiful spectacle [few words indistinct]. We thank you on behalf of
our delegation and our distinguished comrades, the leaders of Guyana and
Jamaica. Long live solidarity among peoples! Long live the revolution! Long
live the heroic Guinean people! [long applause]