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Castro in Calcutta

Delhi General Overseas Service in English 1000 GMT 17 Sep 73 D

[Text] The Cuban prime minister, Dr. Fidel Castro, has said that the
imperialists have overthrown the democratic government of Chile. He said he
was sure that this will be a temporary setback, but the Chilean people and
workers will fight back the fascist regime. Dr Castro was addressing a
gathering which had collected at the Calcutta airport this morning when his
plane arrived there.

Calcutta Airport Address

Bombay PTI in English 1245 GMT 17 Sep 73 D--FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

[Text] Calcutta Sep 17 (PTI)--The Cuban prime minister, Dr. Fidel Castro,
today said that despite the temporary setback in Chile, the liberation
movement in Latin America would continue until the imperialists were
completely defeated.

Dr Castro was addressing a large gathering of cheering people from the
first floor of the Calcutta International Airport during his brief stopover
from Hanoi on his way back home.

He told the crowd: "You known the action of the imperialists had led to the
overthrow of the democratic government of President Allende of Chile. It
will, however, have only a temporary setback. WE are sure the people, the
workers, youths and students of Chile will continue to resist the fascists.
In Latin America, the liberation movement will make progress and the
victory will be of the people," Dr. Castro said.

The Russian plane carrying the Cuban Prime Minister and his party touched
down about 50 minutes behind schedule. As the tall, bearded Cuban prime
minister in a jungle green uniform came out of the aircraft, a large crown
which had assembled at the airport greeted him with shouts of "Viva

He was received by the West Bengal Commerce Minister, Mr. Sarun Kansi
Ghosh, and an ADC of the state governor.

Referring to his visit to Hanoi, Dr. Castro said he had also visited some
of the "liberated zones" of South Vietnam. He had seen the most heroic
people that ever existed in the world. They had been waging a hard struggle
against one of the most powerful countries.

Expressing his regret that his stay in Calcutta was very short because of
the long return journey to his country, the Cuban prime minister said he
had noticed how much poverty and misery the imperialists had left in this
country. India, he said, had a thousand year old culture, much older than
that of Europe. But Europe today was a rich continent and its wealth was
accumulated over the seat and blood of the exploited colonial people.

Dr Castro said the people of colonial countries were not allowed to develop
by the imperialists. Therefore, they must now begin this hard and long
journey; towards industrialization with due sacrifice. Injustice and
exploitation could not last forever. They would disappear from the face of
the earth one day, he said. He thanked the people of India for their warm
hospitality and concluded his short speech with the slogan "Workers of the
World Unite" and "Long Live India."

The Cuban prime minister and his party left for Delhi on their way home
after about a 1 and a half hour halt at Dum Dum.