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Communique Reported

Prague CTK in English 0830 GMT 18 Sep 73 L

[Text] Prague Sept 18 CETEKA--An official communique on last night's short
visit of Fidel Castro who came to Prague is carried by RUDE PRAVO today.

It says that in the night hours of September 17, 1983, First Secretary of
the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee and Prime Minister Fidel Castro
stopped over in Prague on his way home from the Democratic Republic of
Vietnam. He was accompanied by Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, member of the
Secretariat of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee and deputy
premier of the Cuban Revolutionary Government, and other Cuban

At Ruzne Airport, the Cuban comrades were met by General Secretary of the
Communist Party of Czechoslovakia Gustav Husak, Presidium member of the
party Central Committee and Premier Lubomir Strougal, and other members and
alternate members of the Presidium and the Secretariat of the Central

Gustav Husak and Fidel Castro, and other members of the leadership of the
two communist parties, exchange information on the situation in their
parties and countries, assessed the present state of relations between them
and discussed the most important topical problems of international

Both sides noted with gratification that their cooperation is developing
successfully and stressed the positive changes in the world, which are the
result of the struggle against imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism
fought by progressive mankind, and of the peace policy of the Soviet Union
and other countries of the socialist community.

The communique says that complete identity of views was characteristic of
their assessment of the present international situation.

The two sides agreed that it is necessary to step up efforts for securing
this favorable development, for accomplishing successfully the Conference
on Security and Cooperation in Europe and for ensuring a lasting peace,
freedom, independence and security of nations and their right to
self-determination in the other parts of the world.

Both sides appreciated the results of the recent conference of non-aligned
countries in Algeria.

The Czechoslovak side underlined the important role which the delegation of
the Republic of Cuba and Premier Fidel Castro personally played in
defending the progressive and anti-imperialist principles of the policy of
non-alignment at the conference.

Comrades Gustav Husak and Fidel Castro stressed the necessity of deepening
the close cooperation of all progressive, democratic and peace-loving
forces against the forces of imperialism and reaction which are striving to
reserve the positive development in the world.

In this connection, they resolutely condemned the recent military putsch in
Chile, in which the constitutional government was overthrown with the
support of world imperialism and international reaction and basic
democratic principles trampled upon.

Both sides expressed firm solidarity with the Chilean people and the
conviction that all defenders of democracy should launch a wide campaign of
support for the people of Chile.

Both sides also reaffirmed resolute support for the heroic peoples of
Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The Czechoslovak side highly appreciated the
visit of Fidel Castro to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and liberated
regions of South Vietnam. Both sides reaffirmed their solidarity with the
people of Korea and Arab countries and with all nations struggling for
safeguarding their freedom, independence, peace, democracy and social