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Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1030 GMT 23 May 74 F

[Text] Our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, first secretary of the PCC
Central Committee and prime minister of the Revolutionary Government, last
night congratulated the workers of the National Poultry Combine [CAN] for
the successes that they have attained during the first decade of the

Fidel delivered a speech at the event held at the auditorium of the Central
Organization of Cuban Workers building on the occasion of the 10th
anniversary of the founding of the CAN. Others speaking at the event were
Omar Cruz, director general of the CAN, and Floricelda Elias Padron, rank
and file labor leader with 10 years of service in poultry industry
activities. Likewise, the national service certificate of the Poultry
Industry Workers National Trade Union and the CAN National Directorate was
presented to a group of outstanding workers representing 4,100 workers
throughout the country who have earned the distinction for their 10 years
of service in poultry work.

Comrade Rene Penalver, secretary general of the Poultry Industry Workers
National Trade Union, presented the 10-year service national certificate to
the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro for his orientation, initiative and
leadership in poultry work in the name of the 25,000 workers of the CAN.
Our commander in chief presented the certificate to internationalist worker
Osvaldo Hernandez Acosta who accepted it in the name of the
internationalist workers of the combine currently working in other

In his address to the CAN workers, our prime minister pointed out the
extraordinary mutual understanding that exists in this great labor union
and said, you practically constitute an army of poultry workers, an
experienced army, a combative army, a warring army. The first secretary of
the party pointed out the arduous work developed by the workers of the CAN
and analyzed in detail the situation in which the poultry farms were when
the revolution came into power and how they have gradually developed.
Another aspect referred to by Fidel was the extensive work of training
cadres that has been developed during the past 10 years, which has had a
considerable impact in the accomplishments of the CAN.

After expressing his trust and that of all our people in the work of CAN
workers in future years, Fidel said, it is a great satisfaction for all of
us to observe these forces, these resources that have been created by the
revolution, these masses of aware workers who have been trained during the
past few years. He also pointed out the work that has been developed by the
leadership and management of the CAN and the trade union. He stressed: That
is why it is just for all of us to have a moment of happiness, a moment of
emotion and a moment of optimism in looking back at the work of the past 10

In closing, Fidel said, the CAN workers have earned the trust of the party,
the government and the people, and in fulfilling future tasks they will
count on the full cooperation of the party, the government and the people.