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Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1603 GMT 14 Sep 74 F

[Text] The first secretary of the party and prime minister of the Cuban
Revolutionary Government, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, made the closing
speech of the Third National Conference of the Youth Technical Brigades.
Also presiding were PCC Central Committee Secretariat members Carlos Rafael
Rodriguez, Blas Roca, Jorge Risquet, Isidoro Malmierca, and Raul Garcia
Pelaez; first vice prime ministers, ministers, members of the PCC Central
Committee, and also Luis Orlando Dominguez, First Secretary of the Union of
Young Communists, [UJC], chiefs of state and mass organizations, and
thousands of guests.

"A brilliant event of our youth movement for the benefit of the future of
our country concludes today," stated Fidel last night, addressing the 470
conference delegates.

Summing up the Third National Conference of the Youth Technical Brigades,
our commander in chief touched on the role science and technology play in
developing the country. Fidel said that alongside the people's awareness,
science and technology inevitably constitute the pillars of the communist

Further on he said the third national conference has been splendidly
organized, and that "the party and the UJC take pride in knowing there is a
generation of scientists and technicians who were forged in the heat of the

The prime minister of the revolutionary government lauded the work of the
Youth Technical Brigades and congratulated its members on behalf of the
party and government, exhorting them to follow through with their important
task of driving the scientific-technical revolution forward.

Our commander in chief personally distributed to the delegates copies of
the book "Education in Revolution," which contains texts of "History Will
Absolve Me" [Fidel's Moncade assault defense speech] and others of his
historic speeches.

The Organizing Committee of the National Council of the Youth Technical
Brigade movement was presented. The delegates elected chemistry graduate
Julio Cesar Castro Palomino, member of the UJC National Secretariat, as
chairman of the committee. The youth leader then read the final declaration
of the conference. The declaration states that the third conference has
improved the professional and technical level of all its members. The
declaration states that another goal that was established was to constantly
struggle against the insufficient use of the technicians and to constantly
insure that each brigade is employed to the full capacity of its

The declaration provides for the mounting and staging of the "Forgers of
the Future" exposition next year, as a salute to the first party congress."

The declaration states, "the willingness of our youthful technicians and
scientists to offer their help for building a free, socialist Chile for
which thousands of its sons have perished." With the motto "the social
revolution was waged to open the way for another revolution--the technical
revolution," the Third National Conference of Youth Technical Brigades met
for 5 days in Havana. President of the Republic Osvaldo Dorticos made a
special address to the delegates during the fourth session. The delegates
examined 15 proposals selected from the 75 that had been presented. The
brigade movement, created in 1964 at the initiative of Commander in Chief
Fidel Castro, embraces more than 34,000 scientific and technical youths
under 27 years old who have graduated from technological institutes,
universities and technical schools.