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Nyerere, Castro Tour

Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 0930 GMT 20 Sep 74 F

[Summary] Our prime minister, Fidel Castro, accompanied the Tanzanian
delegation headed by President Julius Nyerere on a tour of various centers
yesterday. The delegation began by visiting the community of Jibacoa in the
Comilo Cienfuegos District, where it was received by the director, Comrade
Isora Fernandez Chung, who briefed them on the project's development.
Together with our commander in chief, Comrade Nyerere toured the local
primary school and chatted with students. The president of Tanzania and the
members of his delegation showed much interest in the activities of the
community as they lie within the framework of our country's social

"Fidel and Nyerere went to the cattle center of Valle de Picadura, where
they were welcomed by the director, Comrade Ramon Castro. They observed the
modern milking equipment and saw it in operation. The delegation then went
to the Ho Chi Minh basic secondary rural school." [Fidel Castro recorded
voice] Comrades, this school is quite fortunate. A few months ago it had
the honor of receiving Comrade Pham Van Dong, and today we have had the
high honor of receiving this delegation of the sister country of Tanzania
led by our dear fried, its president, Comrade Julius Nyerere. [applause]
[end recorded voice]

"Comrade Nyerere showed high interest in learning how the work-study system
is implemented in our country." [Fidel Castro recorded voice] Comrade
Nyerere is very much interested in education and public health. He is very
interested in learning how we have faced the problem of illiteracy and the
problem of educating our people. True, we did not have a situation as
serious as Tanzania's, but it was serious in that in the early days of the
revolution we had some 30 percent of illiteracy and almost 50 percent of
the children were not going to school. Over these years we have worked very
hard. And we have been seeking and finding solutions for our country's
problems. At present we are pleased at what we have achieved in education
in Cuba. [end recorded voice] President Nyerere visited several classrooms.