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Havana Domestic Services in Spanish 1132 GMT 12 Feb 75 FL

[Text] The National Union of Sugar Industry Workers [SNTIA] has released a
resolution of the PCC Secretariat signed by Commander in Chief Fidel
Castro, PCC Central Committee first secretary, concerning optimization of
the sugar harvest.

The resolution recognizes the fruitful effort of sugar industry workers
during the first 2 months of the harvest. Despite these results, the
resolution urges workers to maintain and increase the effort even more, to
strengthen vigilance and discipline, uncover and overcome weak points, and
improve the units that are behind. All this is proposed to the SNTIA in
order to obtain the maximum sugar yield from the cane brought to each sugar

The resolution points out that this must be so because the intense drought
which the country has suffered in more than 2 years has reduced
considerably the amount of sugarcane. The resolution continues saying that
to counteract the negative effects of the drought, the workers--with their
strong will, years of experience, dedication, revolutionary awareness, and
love for work--once more have before them the opportunity to test their
creative force.

The congratulations, gratitude and greeting expressed in the resolution of
the central Committee Secretariat fills us with pride and satisfaction, the
SNTIA says, but for us, it adds, the most important thing from now until
the kiln is turned off in each mill is to work toward fulfilling the
exhortation contained in the resolution.

In response to the call to maintain and increase even more the effort, the
SNTIA tells our country's political leadership that it will be a position
well-defended by the workers.

The secretariat resolution explains the need to strengthen vigilance and
discipline, and the SNTIA says: This is and will be our motto because we
are equally aware that it will be impossible to guarantee true optimization
of the harvest if we are not attentive and vigilant so that vigilance and
discipline are not broken at any work center in order to improve our
efficiency and not lose a gram of sugar.

The SNTIA adds: We are asked to find and improve the weak points. We reply
that this is possible to do daily and the sugar mills have the means to
carry it out. We are not forgetting that the laboratory and control room
are two formidable work tools the union can count on.

The SNTIA points out that in order to uncover and improve the weak points,
the workers must rely on socialist emulation and basically on the
microemulation in each area and department. Each worker must know the
results of his work each day so that he can be aware of and improve weak
points, the SNTIA adds in response to the secretariat resolution. It also
pointed out that in addition to the satisfaction over the work
accomplished, the workers will strive for higher objectives and make the
sugar industry more efficient each day.

The SNTIA concludes asserting that the workers will work hard so that the
red flags of the sugar industry proletariat will be paraded victoriously on
1 May, when the harvest will have ended, with the degree of optimization
that Fidel has urged and as a tribute to the first PCC Congress.