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Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1045 GMT 16 Apr 75 FL

[Text] The PCC Central Committee Politburo has issued the official
convocation for the first congress of our party. The document reads:

In a meeting on 10 April 1975, the 80th anniversary of the founding of the
Cuban Revolutionary Party of Jose Marti, which guided the combatants of
last century in the struggle to gain the independence of the fatherland
from Spanish colonial domination, the PCC Central Committee Politburo
agreed to convoke officially the first congress of our party, which is the
heir of the struggles of our Mambises [Cuban Army of Independence] and of
all those who have worked and fought to gain independence and the right to
build a better life, to build a socialist society for our people.

The Politburo created the Central Preparatory Committee of the first party
congress headed by Comrade Fidel Castro, first secretary of the party, and
made up of Raul Castro, as vice president, Osvaldo Dorticos, Juan Almeida,
Guillermo Garcia, Armando Hart, Ramiro Valdes, Sergio del Valle, Blas Roca,
Carlos Rafael Ridriguez, Raul Garcia Pelaez, Isidoro Malmierca, Pedro
Miret, Antonio Perez Herrero and Jorge Risquet.

The Central Preparatory Committee will guide all preparatory activities of
the congress, will direct the preparation of and approve all documents
submitted for the consideration of the party or presented for discussion by
all the people to supplement and enrich them before they are analyzed
during December of this year by the most important, decisive and momentous
meeting of the party and the country, the party congress.

Beginning in April, meetings will be held to elect or confirm the members
of the leadership and to elect delegates to higher positions in all party
organizations and institutions in accordance with the schedule that has
been adopted. In establishing the standards that will be used to elect the
delegates to our first congress and in order to guarantee that our
representatives are able to participate fully in the deliberations and in
the adoption of the decisions that will govern the activities of the party
during the next 5 years, municipal, sectional and regional meetings will
elect "predelegates" to the congress. These will be apportioned to one
delegate for every 100 militants or candidate members, elected in the six
provincial assemblies, in the Isle of Pines, and in the conferences of the
party organizations in the Ministries of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and
the Interior.

Besides, communists of numerous work centers which have been selected
because of their political or economic importance will elect delegates to
the congress separately.

In its agendum, the congress will analyze the activity developed by the
party and people during the past years of uninterrupted struggle in defense
of the revolution and for the establishment of the guidelines for the
construction of socialism, will prepare the platform for our future
activity in domestic and foreign policy, adopt the party statutes, examine
the draft of the socialist constitution, determine the direction of the
economy, outline the action of the organs of people's government, adopt the
main directives for the coming years in the fundamental political, economic
and social activities and proceed to elect the party Central Committee,
which, as supreme organ of the party between congresses, will be
responsible for watching over the implementation of the political line
adopted by the congress and other agreements and decisions.

The PCC Central Committee Politburo urges all working people to participate
in the preparatory tasks of the congress, in the discussions of its main
documents, and feels sure that the working class and all our people will
decisively contribute to the creative efforts of making this year, during
which we will also commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the
First Cuban Communist Party, a year of new and more important victories in
socialist construction under special emulation in salute to the first party

Finally, the PCC Central Committee Politburo agrees that the convocation of
the first party congress be made public on 16 April, the 14th anniversary
of the day when the workers, raising their rifles, machetes and the
fatherland's flag when they repulsed and defeated the aggression of the
mercenaries and the Yankee imperialists, proclaimed the socialist nature of
our revolution.

To the first congress, in pursuit of new victories for our fatherland and
socialism! Signed, Fidel Castro.