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Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 2300 GMT 29 May 75 FL

[Text] We are certain of the feeling and spirit of attention and solidarity
with which the people and mass organizations have carried out the process
of drafting the pledges toward the first congress of our party, Commander
in Chief Fidel Castro has said. The PCC Central Committee first secretary
and prime minister this afternoon received at Revolution Palace the pledges
which the people, political and mass organizations have set themselves in
tribute to the historic and momentous congress.

Central Organization of Cuban Workers [CTC] Secretary General Roberto Veiga
delivered the pledges on behalf of all organizations.

Our people have received with must enthusiasm and high spirit all news and
activities concerned with the first party congress. We could say that today
there are strong revolutionary ideas, feelings and enthusiasm, Fidel said
in his speech during the ceremony. He stressed that the first party
congress will be extraordinarily important for our country, domestically
and internationally. This implies a very big responsibility for all our
people and very especially for the members of our party who must be equal
to this event, he said.

After referring to the effort of thousands of persons who, in one way or
another, have worked with committees in drafting the agenda for the
congress, Castro announced that an important part of the work already has
been done. We are certain that whatever remains to be done to make the
congress the best possible, will be done, he added.

Castro also recalled that all the people are discussing the constitution of
the republic which will be examined at the party congress. He underscored
the extraordinary praises which the draft constitution has received from
progressive sectors in several countries, especially in Latin America. The
world is looking toward our country to learn how we enact the fundamental
law, how we apply it and how we establish socialist democracy, he said.

He also referred to the discussions carried out concerning the system for
managing the economy, the political division of the country, and concepts
about education, children and women. After announcing that work is being
done in other areas such as the peasantry, Castro said that colossal
political work is being accomplished this year.

Veiga also spoke during the ceremony. In time presence of high-ranking
party and government officials, Veiga explained that the pledges were based
on the emulation of historic dates and on the emulation plans which mass
organizations have established for tasks they have set for themselves this
year. And he added: The entire revolutionary zeal of our people is placed
on the fulfillment of these pledges. Therefore, the Politburo of our party
can be assured that our organizations will do their best to fulfill the
pledges and will work with the people to make a reality the slogan: To the
first congress with new victories for the fatherland and socialism.