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Manley Receives Decoration

Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 0930 GMT 10 Jul 75 FL

[Text] During a soleumn ceremony at the Palace of the Revolutionary
yesterday Cuban Prime Minister, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro conferred
the Order of Jose Marti upon the prime minister of Jamaica, Michael Manley,
who is visiting Cuba at the head of a high- ranking delegation. Present at
the ceremony were Div Comdr Raul Castro as well as Ramiro Valdes, Guillermo
Garcia, and Sergio del Valley who are also members of the PCC Politburo;
PCC Secretariat members Blas Roca, Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, and Isidoro
Malmierca; as well as Central Committee members and government officials.

During the Jamaican delegation's first day in our country, official talks
began at the Palace of the Revolution led by the prime minister of Jamaica,
Michael Manley, and commander in chief Fidel Castro.

The Jamaican side was composed of Dudley Thompson, secretary for external
affairs, Senators Arnold Bertram and Benjamin (Claire), Vice Prime Minister
Gordon Wells; Lloyd Barnett, the Jamaican ambassador to Cuba, and other
Jamaican officials.

The Cuban side was represented by PCC Secretariat members Carlos Rafael
Rodriguez and Isidoro Malmierca; Foreign Minister Raul Roa; Manuel Pineiro,
chief of the PCC Central Committee's Americas Department; Ramon Pez-Ferro,
the Cuban ambassador to Jamaica; and officials of the ministries of foreign
affairs and foreign trade, as well as of other state agencies.

During the talks command in chief Fidel Castro said that the party and the
Cuban Government and people are pleased to have the Jamaican prime minister
in Cuba. Our prime minister pointed out that this visit will further the
development of relations between the two countries, and he gave a detailed
report on the efforts which the Cuban people have made during these years
of economic blockade against our country.

Answering questions put to him by Manley, Fidel Castro mentioned the
problems faced by the world today and they exchanged ideas on these topics.
Michael Manley expressed his joy at being in Cuba and he expressed his
gratitude for the welcome he received upon his arrival in Havana. The
Jamaican prime minister analyzed prospects for the further development of
the many-sided relations between the two countries.

During their talks both delegations studied matters of mutual interest
concerning trade, educational, cultural, scientific, and technological
developments. They also reviewed the Latin American situation, particularly
as it relates to the Caribbean area, and the most important international

During the first day of his visit our distinguished guest and his
delegation laid a floral wreath at the foot of the monument to Jose Martin
on revolutionary square. Today Jamaican Prime Minster Michael Manley is
scheduled to visit Santiago de Cuba.

Castro, Manley Speeches Reported

Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1045 GMT 10 Jul 75 FL

[Excerpts] During a ceremony at the Palace of the Revolution at which
Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley received Cuba's highest decoration,
Commander in Chief Fidel Castro said: You represent a country that has been
closely linked to the history of our struggles for independence.

Jamaica has been a refuge, home, as well as a work and meeting site of many
Cuban patriots. Many of our most distinguished patriots, such as Antonio
Maceo and Maximo Gomez, found asylum and warmth in that generous and
hospitable land. Respected friend, your presence here is no accident. Fidel
Castro went on to say: It is the result of your supportive attitude and
your proven spirit of friendship for Cuba. The imperialists sought to erect
barricades and curtains between Jamaica and Cuba; they sought to prevent
reapprochment and friendship between two nations that are so (similar) and
that have common interests. But they have (overlooked) the geographic and
historical laws that units and bind them.

Fidel Castro recalled that when the struggle was being waged against the
Batista tyranny from the Sierra Maestra, Michael Manley followed events in
Cuba daily, and rejoiced at the victory of our people on 1 January 1959.
The prime minister then said that the Government of Jamaica waged a
magnificent and tenacious struggle against the blockade and isolation of
Cuba. He also recalled that together with other Caribbean countries Jamaica
consistently went ahead and established diplomatic and economic relations
with Cuba in defiance of the displeasure and the anger of imperialism.

The Cuban prime minister added: Together with your attitude of a sincere
and loyal friend of our people, we see in you a governor who is tirelessly
struggling for independence, dignity, and the development of his people and
who is seeking, for the common good of all underdeveloped countries and of
all the [word indistinct] people of the world, the international strength
and support that is necessary to the great historical task of attaining
progress, justice, and the complete freedom of his country.

Jamaican Prime Minster Michael Manley responded by saying that he received
the National Order of Jose Marti with profound feelings of gratitude and
historical significance, and he thanked Fidel Castro, the Cuban people, and
the Cuban Revolutionary Government, as well as the people of Jamaica who,
by voting for him, permitted him to be present as an instrument of

Elsewhere in his statement the Jamaican prime minister pointed out: With
this in mind, I believe that our presence together here at this ceremony
constitutes a significant link in a new historical chain that originates in
the historical process itself. He recalled that Marti once said that
everything that divides man, that categorizes him, and that separates and
restricts him is a sin against humanity.

He emphasized: Historically, imperialism has divided, racism has
categorized, and colonialism has restricted. These are some of the greatest
sins committed against humanity. In the name of the delegation he heads and
in his own name, Manley thanked Fidel Castro for the Cuban people's
invitation and for the warm welcome they gave him, and the revolutionary
government for the great things that are taking place here in Cuba.

Turning to Fidel Castro, Prime Minister Manley said: You, Mr Prime
Minister, are a peerless example to all those who seek a better world.
Therefore, in the name of all who accompany me, permit me to say: Long live
Cuba, long live the revolutionary government; and above all, long live the
peerless Fidel Castro.

Last evening Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the prime minister of the
Cuban Revolutionary Government; Div Comdr Raul Castro, the first vice prime
minister; and other leaders attended the official reception that was held
in honor of Jamaican Prime Minster Michael Manley.