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Castro Addresses Mozambique Students
FL131450y Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1203 GMT 13 Oct 77 FL
[Text] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and Samora Moises Machel, president
of the People's Republic of Mozambique, yesterday made speeches at a
meeting of 1,200 students from that African country who are attending Isle
of Pines' schools on scholarships.  The meeting took place at the junior
high farming school [[Unreadable text]] bearing the name of the president
of Mozambique and was preceded by a cultural event in which Cuban and
Mozambique students participated.

One of the many activities of the past few days impressing us the most is
this meeting with you, Fidel said, and stressed that the Mozambique youths
will feel better and better in Cuba because they will discover the
hospitality, love and friendship of tons of thousands of youths like them.
He recalled the preoccupation with which the party and the people's
government in Isle of Pines and he, personally, had followed the
construction of the two centers assigned to the Mozambique youths and the
anxiety with which they had waited for their arrival.

In his speech, Fidel referred to the positive results of rural schools
where Marti's Marxist-Leninist principle of combining school and work is
practiced.  Our Commander in Chief added that the revolution will continue
to develop those centers until all students of education's intermediate
level are attending them.  Fidel recalled that our party decided to devote
a number of rural schools for Mozambique's and Angola's students, and added
that if we already have 12,000 Mozambians on Isle of Pines, by next year
the number would have increased to 24,000 because two more [[Unreadable
text]] will be assigned to them.  Fidel exhorted the Mozambique youths to
fraternally emulate with Cubans and Angolans, and told them that their
fatherland as well as the FRELINO, Comrade Samora Machel, Africa and all
oppressed peoples greatly needs them,

Commander in Chief Fidel Castro referred to the growing friendship between
the Cuban and Mozambique peoples, and said that the ties will draw closer
with the contacts the Cuban, Mozambique and Angolan youths are making at
schools, studying, working and participating in sports and culture
together. Fidel noted the great impression that the Mozambique youths made
on him and termed as magnificent Comrade Samora Machel's idea of selecting
them from all parts of the country, 128 of them per province.  On behalf of
our students, our people, government and the party, we warmly welcome you
and, even though your parents are far away, we want you to know that here
you have many brothers, many parents, because we will always care for you
and love you with the same love as if you were our own children, Fidel said
in closing