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[Statements by Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, Communist Party of Cuba Political
Bureau member and vice president of the Council of State and the Council of
Ministers, for this station on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the
Great October Socialist Revolution--presumably recorded]

[Text] The Aurora's cannon fire was heard far beyond former Petrograd or
the new Soviet Union.  The echoes would reach all the ends of the earth and
its results would reach even far-off towns in Asia, Africa and Latin
America.  The October Revolution was an event which by its own nature had a
profound international meaning.  However, it was even more meaningful due
to its intense and deep historic repercussion.  The attack on the Winter
Palace, which has been rendered immortal in Eisenstein's memorable movie
scenes, was also the conclusion of the attack on the heavens which, in
Marx's words, the glorious Commune of Paris was unable to conclude.

On the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution, we can view the
extraordinary importance of the fact of Lenin and the Bolsheviks.  The
result we see before our eyes is the irreversible victory of the socialist
ideology.  The 60th anniversary is taking place in the context of a
profound economic, political and moral crisis of capitalist society.  If
capitalism has been able to survive as a system, it is largely due to the
fact that the theoreticians and leaders of that decadent society have been
able to use for their own survival some of the means of economic analysis
and manipulation of the economy which stem from the very work of Karl Marx
and the concrete experiences gained in the development of socialism.
However, what is obvious, what even the keenest theorists of agonizing
capitalism know is that the death of capitalism is stipulated not only in
Marxist-Leninist analyses but also by the irreversible course of history.

The Soviet Union now emerges with splendor and dynamism as opposed to the
contemporary capitalist society which has already ceased to be the consumer
society and which for some years has been portrayed as a society with the
permanent prospect of ongoing crisis, with only incidental variations of
welfare for some but with unemployment for more than 15 million men in the
most powerful industrial countries, and with the spiritual anguish of young
people who find no other alternative than to pursue a struggle, a struggle
which can no longer be conducted within the framework of hypocritical
liberalism within which the makers of the society of guile and hypocrisy
tried to frame it.  This decadent world sees before it the new world and
the Soviet Union that after 60 years--during which the onslaught of the 14
armies that Churchill initially led and the brutal attack by Nazism, with
its ensuing death and destruction, were unable to eliminate or even to
check the creative advance of socialism--is now a beautifully finished
product for all mankind to see.

They will have as their principal objectives the study and analysis of
Lenin's ideas, thoughts and actions as they relate to socialist legality
and, at the same time, the promotion, dissemination and stimulation of the
knowledge and experiences of the jurists in relation to this interesting
topic.  Proposals to be discussed and approved in the morning and afternoon
sessions:  The October Revolution, creator of the Socialist legality;
socialist legality and bourgeois legality and Lenin's ideas on the office
of the attorney general and on the control of socialist legality.
Participating as guests at the seminar "Lenin and the Socialist Legality,"
are jurists from all state organizations, mass organization members,
Comrade Soviet jurists, the People's Supreme Court members and the attorney
general of the republic.