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Castro Addresses Odessa Rally

LD011903 Moscow TASS in English 1727 GMT 1 Mar 81

[Text] Odessa, 1 Mar, TASS--The Soviet-Cuban friendship meeting, which has
been held in Odessa, a hero city on the Black Sea, today, has turned into a
spectacular demonstration of indestructible unity and internationalist
solidarity of the peoples of the Soviet Union and Cuba, the communist
parties of the two fraternal countries.

The participants in the meeting--seamen, dockers, workers and
intellectuals--who filled the hall of the opera house to capacity, have
given an enthusiastic fraternal welcome to the delegation of the Cuban
Communist Party, headed by the First Secretary of the Communist Party of
Cuba Central Committee, Chairman of the State Council and Council of
Ministers of the Republic of Cuba Fidel Castro Ruz. The delegation is
attending the 26th Congress of the CPSU.

Fidel Castro, who was welcomed with a storm of applause, addressed the
meeting. He said that the Cuban communists, who arrived in the USSR, have
been tremendously impressed by the 26th Congress of the CPSU, by the vivid
and profound report, which was delivered at the congress by General
Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, outstanding
internationalist-Leninist, and ardent fighter for peace Leonid Brezhnev.

The congress of the CPSU, Fidel Castro said, is convincing evidence of the
confident development of the Soviet Union's economy, of the lofty political
awareness and ideological staunchness of the great Leninist party. The
report by the CPSU Central Committee has been Leonid Brezhnev's brilliant
contribution to the cause of peace. It contains fresh constructive
initiatives, which have already met with worldwide response. The forum of
the Soviet Communists bears out again that the USSR appears as the great
champion of peace and freedom.

Fidel Castro stressed that the 26th Congress of the CPSU is an important
incentive for the development of struggle by all progressive forces of the
world for peace and socialism. Now, the speakers said, that the American
imperialists have unleashed a fresh anti-Cuban campaign, the people of Cuba
knows that on their side is the Soviet Union.

Without the USSR's internationalist assistance Cuba would not be able to
withstand the attacks of imperialism, to ensure the development of the
socialist economy. Therefore we again declare the sentiments of the Cuban
people's eternal gratitude to the Soviet Union, its people and its