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Castro Receives Markovic

LD041446 Belgrade TANJUG Domestic Service in Serbo-Croatian 0726 GMT 4 Jun

[Text] Havana, 4 Jun (TANJUG)--Last night in Havana, Fidel Castro,
president of the Cuban Councils of State and Ministers, received Dragoslav
Markovic, president of the SFRY Assembly, and the members of the assembly
delegation which is paying a visit scheduled to last several days. The
development of Yugoslav-Cuban relations and the two friendly countries'
socioeconomic and political development were discussed in a very cordial
atmosphere. A positive assessment was made of the exchange of information
and experiences on the work of the National Assembly of the People's
Government and the SFRY Assembly, which took place during the visit.

After recalling his visit to Yugoslavia and the very pleasant memories of
his meeting with President Tito in Brioni, President Castro dwelt on the
relations between our two countries and emphasized his pleasure at the
favorable development of these relations and their stable progress in all
fields. He expressed the conviction that their successful development would

Dragoslav Markovic also appraised positively the development of
Yugoslav-Cuban relations and cooperation so far both between the two states
and parties and between sociopolitical organizations. He stressed that the
delegation that he headed had been given the task of making a contribution
to the further successful development of relations between our countries,
which was in the interest of both sides and also in a wider sense.
Dragoslav Markovic stressed in this connection that the development level
of cooperation and also behind the objective possibilities and needs, but
expressed the view that we were on the way toward making a step forward in
this important sphere as well.

In response to the Cuban statesman's visit, [as received] Markovic told
Fidel Castro about the realization of the full equality of the nations and
nationalities of the SFRY, dwelling in particular on the realization of
their policy through the political and assembly system from the
municipality up to the federation.

Showing interest in Yugoslav experiences gained in solving the national
question, which he described as rich, President Castro spoke about the
process of decentralization in Cuba which was being carried out as part of
the new administrative-territorial division. He also reviewed the positive
experiences gained during the 5 years of work of the first National
Assembly of the People's Government.

Dragoslav Markovic, president of the SFRY Assembly, conveyed to President
Castro greetings from the SFRY Presidency and from Sergej Kraigher,
president of the Presidency, and their invitation to him to pay a friendly
visit to Yugoslavia. Fidel Castro expressed warm thanks for the greetings
and the renewed invitation, stressing that he would go to Yugoslavia with
great pleasure.

On the Yugoslav side, the talks were attended by the members of the
Assembly delegation, Ela Ulrih Atena, Agif Beciri and Aleksander Icev; and
on the Cuban side, by Jesus Montane, candidate member of the Cuban
Communist Party Central Committee Polithuro; and Jose Aranaburo, secretary
of the National Assembly. Also present were Zivojin Jazic, SFRY ambassador
to Cuba; and Eloy Valdes, Cuban ambassador to Yugoslavia.