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Meeting With Castro

LD132337 East Berlin ADN International Service in German 2149 GMT 13 Feb 84

[Text] Moscow, 13 Feb (ADN) -- Erich Honecker, general secretary of the SED
Central Committee and chairman of the GDR Council of State, held a friendly
meeting in Moscow this evening with Fidel Castro, first secretary of the Central
Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba [PCC] and president of the Council of
State and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba.

Erich Honecker and Fidel Castro paid tribute to the high standard of fraternal
relations between the two parties and countries, which are developing steadily
in the spirit of the friendship and cooperation treaty. Erich Honecker spoke of
the efforts of GDR communists and working people to continue to put successfully
into practice the policy decided on by the 10th SED Congress for safeguarding
peace and for the well-being of the people. The GDR will continue to be a firm
pillar of peace and socialism in Europe, thus fulfilling its internationalist
responsibility in the aggravated world situation.

Fidel Castro reported on the numerous initiatives of the working people of Cuba
in the implementation of the decisions of the Second PCC Congress which are
directed toward the all-around strengthening and reliable protection of their
socialist homeland.

Faced with the peace-threatening policy of the United States in Central America,
Cuba is making every effort to assist in achieving a political solution to the
disputes in the interests of the people of the region and of world peace.

Both statesmen agreed that the international situation has become more
dangerously complicated as a result of the adventurist confrontation and arms
buildup policy of the Reagan administration. Joint action by the socialist
family of peoples, by communists, and by all peace-loving forces that are ready
for understanding, is thus of even greater importance. The threatening danger of
a nuclear inferno must be resolutely halted. The Prague and Moscow proposals are
a constructive program for peace, disarmament, and detente. Erich Honecker and
Fidel Castro reaffirmed the determination of both parties and states to continue
to deepen their trusting cooperation for the well-being of their peoples and for
the defense of peace.

Present at the meeting were the members of the GDR party and state delegation:
members of the SED Central Committee Politburo Willi Stoph, deputy chairman of
the Council of State and chairman of the Council of Ministers; Horst Sindermann,
deputy chairman of the Council of State and president of the People's Chamber;
and Egon Krenz and Guenter Mittag, secretaries of the SED Central Committee and
members of the Council of State. Present for the Cuban side were the delegation
members Carlo Rafael Rodriguez, member of the PCC Central Committee Politburo
and vice president of the Council of State and the Council of Ministers; Jesus
Oropesa Montane, alternate member of the PCC Central Committee Politburo; and
Lionel Soto, Secretary of the Central Committee and Cuban ambassador to the