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PM211147 Moscow KRASNAYA ZVEZDA in Russian 21 Mar 84 First Edition p 3

[TASS report:  "Joint Declaration"]

[Text] Havana, 20 Mar -- A joint declaration of the Governments of the
Republic of Cuba and the People's Republic of Angola has been published

More than 2 years ago, the Governments of the People's Republic of Angola
and the Republic of Cuba, in their joint declaration of 4 February 1982,
clearly explained their principled position regarding the tense situation
prevailing in the southern cone of Africa. The period that has elapsed
since then has only confirmed the justness of all the points contained in
that declaration, which has won the approval of international public
opinion and the virtually unanimous sympathy of all the countries of the
world, with the shameful exception of the Governments of the United States
of America and South Africa, which for a number of years have stubbornly
insisted on the "linkage" of the question of granting independence to
Namibia with the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola -- a pernicious
formula devoid of any legal or moral basis and is repudiated worldwide,
except by its authors.

The heroic resistance of the Angolan people, firmly supported by their
internationalist allies, has persuaded the imperialist aggressors of the
impossibility of subjugating the People's Republic of Angola and
liquidating its revolutionary process, and has obliged it to accept
negotiations on new bases.

The Government of the People's Republic of Angola has constantly kept the
Cuban Government informed in detail on the course of the conversations
Currently being held with South Africa and the United States of America,
with the objective, on the part of Angola, of searching for a principled
basis for a negotiated solution to the conflict that the Angolan people
have faced for years with the South African aggressors, and of creating
conditions that will make viable the immediate application of Resolution
435-78 of the UN Security Council and the independence of Namibia.

In accordance with this peace effort on the part of Angola, the joint
declaration of 4 February remains fully in effect and constitutes a
principled basis for any negotiated solution that will eliminate the
existing tension and ensure peace and total independence for the nations of
this region.

Reaffirming their adherence to the provisions of that joint declaration,
the Governments of Cuba and Angola stress that they will resume, by their
own decision and in exercise of their sovereignty, the execution of the
gradual withdrawal of the Cuban internationalist military contingent as
soon as the following requisites are fulfilled;

1. The unilateral withdrawal of the racist South African troops from
Angolan territory.

2. The strict application of Resolution 435-78 of the UN Security Council,
the accession of Namibia to its true independence, and the total
withdrawal of the South African troops that are illegally occupying that

3. An end to any act of direct aggression or threat of aggression against
the Republic of Angola on the part of South Africa, the United States of
America, and their allies.

Together with these three support requirements it will also be necessary,
as the Angolan Government expressed in its 26 August 1983 declaration
signed by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, to end all support to the
counterrevolutionary organization UNITA [National Union for the Total
Independence of Angola], and any other puppet organization by South Africa,
the United States, and their allies. Satisfaction of these demands would
mean respect for the norms of international law and the UN Charter, and
compliance with the many resolutions issued by the UN Security Council and
General Assembly, the Nonaligned Movement, and the OAU.

The Cuban Government, on behalf of the Cuban people, honors the heroism of
the Angolan people, who for almost a quarter of a century have been waging
a liberation war against the colonialists, the racists, and the imperialist
masters and their lackeys, and who have paid a high price in blood in order
to gain Angola's independence and to provide internationalist aid to other
brother countries.

The Government of the People's Republic of Angola expresses the infinite
gratitude of the Angolan people for the internationalist aid of the Cuban
people in Angola's liberation struggle during the past two decades, and
expresses its highest praise for the generosity, sacrifice, and heroism of
the thousands of Cubans who have been sent to Angola to help in the
military and civilian fields in order to secure the independence,
territorial integrity, and national reconstruction of Angola, thus offering
a historic contribution to the cause of all the peoples of the continent.

The two governments express their admiration of and solidarity with the
heroic struggle being waged by the peoples of Namibia and South Africa
under the direction of the sole legitimate representatives, SWAPO
[South-West African People's Organization] and the African National
Congress, against the disgraceful apartheid regime, and reaffirm their
conviction that such a repugnant regime is historically condemned to

The joint declaration was signed by Fidel Castro. first secretary of the
Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and chairman of the Cuban
Councils of State Ministers, and Jose Eduardo dos Santos, chairman of the
Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola-Labor Party and president of
Angola, who is here on a friendly working visit.