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LD051616 Moscow TASS in English 1353 GMT 5 May 84

[Text] Lisbon May 5 TASS -- TASS correspondent Gennadiy Petrov reports:

Never before the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean basin
experienced such a dangerous time in their history, runs a message of the
Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Cuba Fidel Castro to the
participants in the international conference of solidarity with Nicaragua,
for peace in Central America, which is under way here. The U.S.
Administration which assumed the role of gendarme, created, in alliance
with tyrannical and olygarchial regimes of the region, an atmosphere of
threat of military occupation, intervention, aggression and war in Central

Having disclosed the American Administration's assertions on the so-called
"interference" into affairs of the region "from outside", the Cuban leader
said that such "idea" could be advanced only by those who undertook the
criminal invasion of Grenada. The Reagan administration, said Fidel Castro,
is trying to strangle the struggle of Central American peoples with the
help of military means and CIA agents. He noted that the situation in the
region became even more explosive as a result of U.S. growing interference
into El Salvador's internal affairs.

Ignoring proposals of Nicaragua and Salvadoran patriots on a peace
settlement, said the Cuban leader, the American Administration is
broadening military aid to its allies, is building up aggressive actions
against the Nicaraguan people and is trying to camouflage its
interventionist plans in El Salvador by the election farce. Threats are
growing at the same time from the Reagan administration to Cuba.

The Soviet people are indignant at the U.S. aggressive actions against
sovereign Nicaragua, they firmly denounce those actions and express their
firm solidarity with the Nicaraguan people, its rightful course, stressed
the head of the Soviety delegation Aleksandr Dzaskhov. The Soviet people
demand that aggression and terror against Nicaragua be stopped, that the
people of that country, just as any other people, should have the
guaranteed possibility of deciding their future themselves without being
subjected to interference and pressure from outside.

Well-known Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis denounced hegemonistic claims
of imperialism, with Latin American peoples being its victims. He expressed
firm confidence in victory of revolutionary Nicaragua, the patriots of El
Salvador, Chile and other countries of the continent.

British sociologist J. Pearce, who has recently visited Nicaragua, spoke
about Washington's barbarous actions against civilians of that country.
Seeking to turn Central America into its province, the United States is
intensively preparing direct armed intervention in that region, she said.
But it will be in for a defeat there, just as it was in Vietnam. The
British sociologist rebuffed the slanderous propaganda which tries to hold
Nicaragua, Cuba and the Soviet Union responsible for the dramatic events in
Central America.