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Castro Greets Jackson

FL261414 Havana Television Service in Spanish 0220 GMT 26 Jun 84

[Report on U.S. presidential candidate Jesse Jackson's arrival at Havana's
Jose Marti International Airport -- recorded]

[Text] At (?2000) [words indistinct] the special flight arrived bringing
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Jesse Jackson to Havana from San
Salvador. Jackson deplaned at 2017. More than 100 reporters were present.
He was greeted by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro. The flight was scheduled
to have arrived at 1730 today, but was delayed in El Salvador. Jesse
Jackson arrived from San Salvador, continuing his tour through the region,
which first took him to Panama. Today he will be in Cuba and will go to
Nicaragua on Wednesday.

Before leaving San Salvador, Jackson said that: We must all participate in
a moral offensive. He added that in order to resolve the Salvadoran and
Central American crises, we must choose a healthy and mature mentality over
missiles. According to reports from San Salvador, Jackson told President
Jose Napolean Duarte about the Salvadoran guerilla leaders' hopes of
holding talks with the regime on looking for peaceful solutions to the

Following the friendly greeting between Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and
Jesse Jackson, both headed for the press area and made a few statements.
The U.S. presidential candidate said we are facing the danger of war in the
Western Hemisphere and therefore, we are seeking a peace formula. We are
especially seeking friendship between the peoples of the United States and
the Latin American continent. Our hemisphere should renew its unity. We
should talk to one another and not one against the other. The improvement
of our relationships can create peace in our hemisphere. Together, we can
also alleviate the problem of hunger and help the poor. Together, we have
the ability to educate our children. Above all, this generation should bear
in mind the consequences of war and choose peace. We can do this with
mutual respect, with mutual development. We should also move in this
direction and give the opportunity for peace to triumph.

[Begin recording] [Jackson in English] My thanks on behalf of the Rainbow
Coalition and our delegation. As we seek justice at home and peace abroad,
we are honored to have the invitation. We are in danger of a raging war in
the Western Hemisphere. That is the urgency now as we seek peace. The
people of our nations, the United States of America and Cuba, must renew
their friendship and their ties. We must talk with each other. Together,
our nations have the capacity to bring peace to this hemisphere. Together,
we have the capacity to feed the hungry, to provide homes for the homeless,
to provide health care for those who are sick. Together, we have the
capacity to educate children. We must give peace a chance.

[Unidentified reporter in English] President Castro. President Castro, can
you tell us why you invited Rev Jackson here?

[Castro in Spanish] We are (?not) going to hold a press conference here

[Unidentified reporter in English] We just wanted to know why you invited
Rev Jackson here.

[Castro to Jackson in Spanish] How was your trip here? Have you been
working hard today?

[Jackson laughs] Quite a bit.

[Castro to Jackson] I hope you rest.

[Unidentified reporter to Castro in Spanish] Commander, I want to ask you
what presidential candidate Jackson's visit to Cuba means.

[Castro] His visit is an honor for our country, in the same spirit that he
has expressed. It is a gesture of peace.

[Unidentified reporter in Spanish] Could it mean something for Latin
America and the United States?

[Castro] It is possible. We will work for that. [end recording]