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Castro Press Conference

LD281725 Moscow TASS in English 1635 GMT 28 Jun 84

[Text] Havana, June 28 TASS -- Peace can be preserved only if the principle
of respect for the sovereignty of peoples is observed, as well as their
right to choose the political, social, and economic system which they
consider to be acceptable to them. This was stated by the First Secretary
of the Central Committee of the Communist Part of Cuba, Chairman of the
State Council and Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba Fidel

Speaking at a press conference after the ending of talks with the prominent
public figure and politician Jesse Jackson, who is seeking the Democratic
nomination for the United States Presidency, the Cuban leader said that
"Today nobody in the world can think of imposing social transformations by
force and from the outside." We revolutionaries know that it is impossible
to export revolution. Everything that is being said on this score is either
a big lie or a myth, he said.

The ruling circles of the United States, Fidel Castro noted, should
understand and accept present-day realities. It is no longer possible to
continue to build relations between the United States and Latin American on
interventions, military interference, domination, and oppression in any
form. Central America's problems exist since the past century and United
States' interventions in that region have occurred long before Cuba became
independent. The problems of Latin American and of the Central American
region originated long before the Cuban revolution, the Nicaraguan and
Salvadoran peoples had risen to struggle long before our revolution, and
the Mexican revolution began several years before the revolution in Russia,
Fidel Castro said. The region's social and political problems exist since
the past century and their sole sources are the unequal relations between
the United States and Latin America.

I think all will agree, he went on, that other foundations should exist for
relations between the United States and Latin America. The principle of
respect for national sovereignty and non-interference in the internal
affairs of other countries should become the prime basis of these
relations. On expressing deep concern with the international tension and
the danger of war, the Cuban leader noted the need to work for the
liquidation of seats of tension and to use the money now spent on the arms
race to solve the acute economic and social problems of developing

Replying to questions by correspondents, Fidel Castro noted that Cuba
supported the efforts of the "Contadora Group" directed at finding ways of
overcoming the Central American crisis. The Nicaraguans and Salvadorans are
exponents of a political solution of the region's problems, he said, and we
fully support these efforts.