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Castro Hails Indira Gandhi

PA311907 Havana International Service in Spanish 1731 GMT 31 Oct 84

[Speech by President Fidel Castro Ruz at the closing of the 39th CEMA
session at the Palace of Conventions in Havana on 31 October -- recorded]

[Text] Esteemed companero delegation heads, esteemed companeros: In view of
the sad news of the death of Indira Gandhi, which was received only a few
hours ago and on the occasion of which we observed a minute of silence a
few minutes ago, now that the communique of the session has been signed,
and taking into account new obligations that we acquire in view of this
sorrowful event, we will proceed to close this meeting, which had been
scheduled to end at 1530 today. We feel that Indira's tragic death is a
great loss not only to India, a country that she led with great wisdom and
considerable personal effort, but also the the Nonaligned Movement, to
which she made such important contributions and which she was leading with
her well-known sagacity as a stateman; to all the underdeveloped and
developing countries; to the cause of world peace and the independence of
peoples to which she devoted her life.

It will be difficult to undercover the sinister forces that are involved in
her assassination. The world's peoples realize that her death serves only
the worst and most aggressive personages of imperialism, against whom she
fought firmly and with perseverance.

The Nonaligned Movement, all progressive countries, the socialist
community, and all humanity are losing a loyal and unforgettable companera,
an illustrious daughter whose tireless struggle for peace will be honored
by us.

Esteemed companero delegation heads: The work of the 39th meeting has come
to an end. We hope that in the course of these activities you will have
sensed not so much our organizational efficiency, which we know is subject
to many limitations, as the warmth of our people and their representatives
here. The delegation members, experts, and the companeros and companeras at
the Palace of Conventions have committed all their enthusiasm and zeal to
this important activity. I am sure that I am properly interpreting their
sentiments when I convey to all of those who have worked so diligently,
gratitude in the name of all those who are participating in the session.

In a fraternal climate, in which the feeling of solidarity inspired by our
Marxist- Leninist ideology prevails -- a climate that has been stimulated
by the presence among us of representatives from many developing countries,
from Latin American countries with which CEMA has links which we hope will
be increasingly fruitful, and from international organizations that are
concerned about the development of Latin America -- we have deliberated
with a style in which it is already possible to see the transforming
effects of the Moscow summit on the problems of the international economy
and on the interrelationship of the countries of the socialist community.

We also discussed the changes needed in the structure of the organization
as well as in its working methods to meet the demands of the continuous
growth of the economies of the member-countries and the resulting increased
complexity of the problems involved. We discussed a conversion to intensive
working methods in the process of our economy, to an increasingly dynamic
application of the results of science and technology in productive
practices, and to the creation of the conditions for
scientific-technological activity to achieve the high levels made possible
by our socialist system and its projection onto the increasingly
accelerated training of many cadres who will be involved in research.

I believe, esteemed companeros, that we can undoubtedly state that the 39th
session held in Cuba confirms the superiority of socialism. It is not that
our system is now in the forefront in all aspects of production, much less
science. However, the manifest advantage which is already being expressed
through many aspects of economic and scientific activity permits us to
predict the future course of society toward socialism. When one takes into
account the permanent instability and the profound social and moral crisis
being experienced by the developed capitalist countries, the uncertainty of
their economic power becomes obvious.

The agreements that we have adopted in our session all point toward a
perfecting of our work and toward an increasing utilization of the
advantages that socialism as a system has provided that have not always
been duly exploited. The agreements of the economic summit held in June
project socialism strongly and with determination toward the future. The
discussions that have ended with a unanimity that demonstrates the internal
unity of our system point toward the completion of our program.

With the completion of our work I would like, esteemed companeros, to thank
you, not only for your decisive and efficient participation in the analysis
of the programs on the agenda that we have examined, but also for all that
you have contributed to ensure at the 39th session, held for the first time
outside CEMA's European environment, was carried out in a country that
socialism and the international cooperation that socialism guarantees, are
proceeding, with increasing speed, from the underdevelopment imposed on us
by imperialism and colonialism to forms of socialist development. For this
expression of brotherhood, we express our thanks. Thank you very much.