Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

LD011917 Moscow Television Service in Russian 1530 GMT 1 Nov 84

[From the Vremya newscast]

[Text] A meeting between Nikolay Tikhonov, member of the CPSU Central
Committee Politburo, chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers, who is
heading a Soviet delegation of the the 39th CEMA conference session, and
Fidel Castro Ruz, of the Central Committee of the Communist Part of Cuba
[PCC], chairman of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of
Cuba has been held in Havana.

During their Conversation, held in an atmosphere of cordiality and full
mutual understanding, the sides considered questions of further expanding
and deepening cooperation between the two parties and states. They stressed
the importance of the decisions of the CEMA economic summit in Miscow in
June this year, as well as of the 39th CEMA conference session in Havana
for ensuring the further development of fraternal countries.

The head of the Soviet Government highly assessed Cuba's constructive
foreign policy, and noted its high international prestige. Fidel Castro Ruz
stressed the Soviet Union's immense role in extending fraternal aid and
support to the Cuban people, who are building socialism.

The sides expressed serious concern over the continued heightening of
tensions in Central America and the Caribbean, and voiced solidarity with
the peoples upholding the right to free, independent development.

Nikolay Tikhonov and Fidel Castro signed a long-term program for developing
economic, scientific and technical cooperation between the USSR and the
Republic of Cuba for a period ending in the year 2000.

Present at the signing for the Soviet side were, Comrade Ryzhkov, secretary
of the CPSU Central Committee; Comrades Baybakov and Talyzin, deputy
chairmen of the USSR Council of Ministers; and other members of the Soviet

Present on the Cuban side were: Raul Castro, second secretary of the PCC
Central Committee, first deputy chairman of the Councils of State and
Ministers of the Republic; Comrade Rodiguez, member of the PCC Politburo,
deputy chairman of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic; and
other comrades.